Where to Find Peace of Mind and How to Get over Depression and Anxiety

Where to find peace of mind in daily life and how to get over depression and anxiety is often a huge problem in the world today. There are those days that suck and lower the boom on you and you’re struggling for how to get over depression.



I’m sure you’ll agree either you or someone you know depends on pharmacy prescriptions and believe that is the only way to realize where to find peace of mind.

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But there’s another way to have peace of mind the majority of people aspire for. It’s where to find peace of mind inside a reflective state that is a calm conscious mind.

It’s where you reflect what you want from within you and into your outer world.

Consider when, undoubtedly, your neighbor or a good friend is upset, angry with the world and filled with anxiety, yet still wants quiet and to have peace of mind.

This kind of method for where to find peace of mind peace of mind is superficial and ego-based, one that is obvious and unreal.

The Course in Miracles states, “Send not these savage messengers into the world, to feast upon it and prey upon reality.”

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To a peaceful life,

James Nussbaumer

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