Finding Peace within Yourself-How to Feel Happy Again through your Whole Being

Having trouble finding peace within yourself, life balance, and how to feel happy again? This troubles many and you are not alone. But you can reach within and resolve this inner conflict in a meaningful way.

Many will say, “finding peace within yourself rests in letting go of what you do not want,” which only splits you apart thus keeping you from being whole.

Consider the age-old question of loyalty. “If you can’t count on your brother, who can you count on?” 

We’d surely like to think we can count on the trustworthiness and honesty and integrity of a brother or sister. 

But I’m not primarily meaning your siblings’ help with material forms of assistance.

We’ve all seen failure, here on Earth, because too much emphasis is placed on the body.

I am, however, writing about the knowledge we all have of our own existing whole being where you can learn how to feel happy again. 

It’s the knowledge you have that there is a good, positive side of yourself, and in everyone you encounter. 

This knowledge, which you share with everyone on some level, rests inside of Truth.

It’s the positive force of Truth that many choose to tap into, though others do not. 

Many operate their lives from the wrong-mindedness of a fabricated truth they erroneously believe enables them to gain success in material form.

We can “count on” or trust other individuals as having the same right-minded side that’s in ourselves, which represents the Light of who they are, whether he or she realizes it or not. 

Everyone senses a belonging or a connection to that same Truth, our Source, which we share as one magnificent Light.

It’s how to feel happy again.

By showing your own stable footing as rooted in truthful types of thoughts, others will pick up on this extension of you and sense the fact that they have the same ability. 

They will see their own reality in your truthful demeanor.

It’s in this wholeness where the Holy Spirit manifests miracles through us, which can only occur behind the seemingly brave front of the ego many of us display, though it’s nothing more than a disguise we think hides our faces.

A Course in Miracles states, “You cannot see the Holy Spirit, but you can see His manifestations.

Finding peace within yourself is the depth of you. 

It’s the truthful side in you of the split-mind that sincerely asks, “How are you doing this morning?” or sincerely congratulates a friend for a great round of golf without having an ulterior motive, for example “buttering up” a contact to gain a business deal. 

This Truth about you, and the same in another, is a glimpse of your brotherhood.

However briefly it may show its colors, it is a tie to the honesty and integrity of humanity’s whole being.

This part of the mind feeling complete in all of us we all share in Truth. 

This is where the mind of humanity’s whole being gathers; or we can call it the mindful gathering place, free of ego infestation, finding peace within yourself. 

It’s feeling complete and realizing we’re all in this together. It’s bringing forward or best and how we may manifest miracles in our daily life.

Finding peace within yourself means to trust in your whole being, which is essential in establishing your own abilities to extend yourself, rather than projecting images only to sustain the beliefs you made for interacting in a frightening world.

Free from fear

Using real vision to finding peace within yourself you must understand that your own whole being will transcend your doubts, leaving you free from fear, or at least realizing why you are fearful over any given situation. 

It’s the doubts our projected images give us of others that bring on attack types of thought.

But you have the power within your whole being—connected to humanity’s whole being as one mind to relinquish thoughts of attack, that you once erroneously believed were necessary for your own survival.

Here’s how we find peace and balance in our lives.

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To finding peace within yourself,

James Nussbaumer

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