Internal Strength and Self-Confidence Shifts Forward By Letting Go of Ego

We manifest miracles and gain internal strength when begin to become aware that the ego tries to teach us that we are not what we really are.  The ego—that fearful, filled with doubt, judgmental aspect in us, tells us we are arrogant to see ourselves as of the Christ-Mind. 

In fact, the ego strives to focus on Christ as a human body, and it sees internal strength as in the body.

For example, don’t we all question the reality of a spirit? 

The ego mind has its lessons that we cannot whole-mindedly share with others, because it’s impossible to totally agree and share with someone thoughts that are so fragmented and split apart and separate.

If it’s not whole it’s not about who you truly are. 

Besides, the ego doesn’t believe in self-improvement through unity or sharing unless it has potential gain hooked to it. 

This is why the ego is always in fear and in conflict of something and can never be whole.

A Course in Miracles asks, “Would you not exchange your fears for truth, if the exchange is yours for asking.”

Consider a conversation consisting of small talk, when you’d like to share an accomplishment with someone. 

Have you ever tried to share something about yourself—say, your weight-loss with yoga therapy and soon the be a grandparent, or your daughter’s pregnancy—only to find the other person turning the conversation to his own accomplishments, or her own daughter’s fancier wedding? 

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You already possess all the internal strength you need

Not only does the listener wish to top your story, but he or she causes you to judge him or her. 

This is because separate egos have nothing that can be shared, except judgments of each other, and of other individuals.

The ego’s premise in you is constantly being corrected and reversed by the Holy Spirit Who is your internal strength, and His cultivating of your ground for self-improvement consists of the undoing of errors, where right-minded “seeds are being sown.” 

The ego feels the threat of peace toward its domain, where the internal strength of oneness is blending its way into your whole mind. 

This is why the ego tries to make part of you its friend, and seeks your help as an ally in the conflict. 

The real you does, indeed, recognize an individual for his conflict-free side. 

You are already in possession of everything you need, and with this abundance of internal strength you have no need to “outperform” anyone. 

But on the other hand, if you perceive an individual as not equal to you, it is only because you see his ego through the eyes of your own ego. 

You’re not seeing him through real vision, or the Christ-Mind, and there is an absence of brother-to-brother sharing.

This is what the ego fights against.

Somewhere along the way you began operating from wrong-mindedness of the ego mind.  When this is the case, which it will often be, simply take note of this in your mind, and have faith that right-mindedness will soon be ushered in by the Holy Spirit

This is merely a part of the healing process, so make sure you understand it as such. 

Then you can tell yourself, quietly, calmly, and in peace, to “let bygones be bygones.”  Next, you must move on by chalking it up as a lesson given you by your inner Guide on the path to undoing ego illusion. 

And there is another step to understand.

All of our conflicts stem from our need to be vigilant against our own interests. 

If your interests are of your own free will, however, then there is no need to feel that conflicting interests are ever possible. 

The Course in Miracles helps us see that, if you’re not living your life around your free will, you are in fear of many things. 

This is because you fear your own death.

What does fearing death have to do with your conflicts?  It’s simply the ego in you, advising and rushing you to “get all you can because you can’t take it with you.” 

You’re afraid you won’t get enough before the obituary runs in the newspaper.

It’s easy to lack self-confidence and perceive ourselves as lacking when death is our number-one fear.  We can certainly become uncertain in this state.  It shows in everything we do. 

But when you’re internal strength is in the certainty about the “now,” there are no uncertainties over having “bigger fish to fry.”

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To self-confidence,

James Nussbaumer

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