Goal Setting Skills Prove the Miracle by Reflecting the Power of Attraction

I enjoyed reading a sports page column about the goal setting skills of college football players to manifest success.

They were discussing the things they want to accomplish in their personal lives and practicing the power of attraction as a key to success in life.

A few said, once they get picked up by the NFL and begin earning the big bucks in professional football, they will now know how to uncover their dreams.

One player discussed building a new stadium for his hometown high school. Another young man spoke of starting a foundation for less fortunate kids to go to college.

Goal Setting Skills with Manifestation Principles

These are real thoughts that create ideas that spur things on, a progressive move or shift to right-mindedness, as the Course in Miracles teaches.

Or, certainly even to a higher level already within the right-mind, which in my ever-developing book series, as where the Holy Spirit abides.

Yes, our inner Guidance system teaching us what to do next to manifest our dreams.

The Course in Miracles so profoundly states:

  • “The Holy Spirit’s function is entirely communication. He therefore must remove whatever interferes with communication in order to restore it.”

These types of goals will give these guys a quality feeling of accomplishment instead of, say: “I’m going to buy myself a Mercedes Benz”.

Of course, there certainly is nothing wrong with owning a Mercedes if this is something you truly do want.

But if the goal in these material possessions becomes a primary purpose of proving to the world your success status, then you’re going to just wish by striving for more and more.

You could be known as the “dude who owns a line of Mercedes Benz’s”. Likewise, perhaps never add up to true happiness.

It is so vitally important to allow our goal setting skills to spring from our purpose and passion.

This makes sense if we’re going to do the best we can, and our best should come from who we truly are.

If we are self-focused on the material world, wanting nice things for ourselves, alone, will affect the goals we set. This is not true wanting.

Real wanting involves that of which will assist you on your heroic mission, so to speak.

The nice, fun things in life will flow into your life as a part of this “real wanting”, when you are focused on others along with yourself.

The “Mercedes” can just happen to be the car you drive as you attend a ball game at the stadium you helped build in your hometown.

Can you see the thrill in this?

I have written many articles and essays that later developed into material for my books.

However, when I sit down to write I must never only see the new article as just something interesting for good natured folks to read.

I must be willing to spark an interest in their minds with a purpose. Such as, solving a problem, or help educate where decisions can be more easily decided.

This attitude for goal setting skills must be the same with our lives and how we live them.

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We were not created just to exist, not to pass through time as only a spectator. We must live with purpose in our hearts.

This is where goal setting skills lead to miracles happening and life is true joy.

Living your life on purpose is defining who you are and becomes a model of true extension.

What we are about, the goals we set, the faith we have in them is a part of who we are.

This is our expression from behind the dream and reflected into the physical world we dream about.

It’s not a part of being a Mercedes Benz owner. But, by all means go for that too, if the opportunity presents itself if this is what you truly want.

When Ohio State won the National football championship in 2002 over Miami, miraculous communication happened.

Here’s what I mean about to manifest:

Head coach Jim Tressel chuckled about all the talk on how they had finally, after so many years, won the “Big One”.

Coach Tressel wanted his players to truly understand that they were champions. Yes, he told them that they’d always been champions long before they won the game that night.

Suddenly, the media wanted to talk about his players and all of the community service they’d done.

As well, how strong they were academically, regardless of winning the big game.

Yes, their championship status certainly was going on long before with how they reflected the life they want.

Surely, as well, is why their victory in the game was a part of the process.

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To manifesting your desires,

James Nussbaumer

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