How to Be Your Best means Letting Go of What’s Holding You Back in Life

How to be your best is a thought deeply we as humans at many times in our lives contemplate.

Sure it is!

I’ve been away from publishing an article at my blog for almost 30 days, and is not like me. I have to write daily.

But I absolutely did write, just did not publish for a while for good reasons.

No, not working at my craft, but placing my attention on my own healing, studying, and WOW, so thrilled with my 4th book of the ever-developing series to hit the stores.

It’s been busy for me, as I’m sure with you too. So let’s move on about what is so important about bringing forth our best in life.

Is there anything you can pinpoint that perhaps is holding you back in life?

I always received wonderful lessons from the late Wayne Dyer, I might say, and so many others too.

I mean Dr. Wayne W. Dyer really sending his message clear and deep to my thought process at different emotional times in my life.

For how to be your best you have to establish or reveal an extreme, individual passion.

I mean, within you, as is the secrets of successful people who have ever walked among us.

As a result, change the things that are holding you back so you may live life at your full potential.

Overcoming your mind’s hidden negative energy is one thing we all must address each day. Of course, with all that the world throws onto us daily.

Hope you’re conscious about how to be your best while enjoying life and being true to your heart.

Your inner essence, or we may say, your longing for all you can be is in your heart!

I like to say that I sure as Heaven am realizing this.

As you absorb this brief article, I mean for its value to you, keep in mind this spiritual metaphysical principle from the Course in Miracles:

  • Have you really considered how many opportunities you have had to gladden yourself by being at your full potential, and how many of them you have refused?

Don’t want to take away too much of your time today so I’ll keep it real quick.

Sure, to the point, and I mean without going too deep like often I like to do.

Ever wondered why this whole “creating the life you want” thing doesn’t ever seem to pan out when you try it?

I mean do you ever feel like something’s holding you back from how to be your best?

Again, I’m saying, keeping you from getting any at all good results?

And you wonder if there’s some way to overcome that obstacle… whatever it is?

You ever see those other folks who can somehow bring forth a new car… or a new swimming pool.

Perhaps, or (and I swear to you now this actually happened to a fellow author friend of mine.) … a new life in a new country?

Well… What about you?

Thing is, what could be holding you back in life is a series of mindful blocks in your head. In my book series, I call this the ego-based mind.

Think of these as small points holding you back in life. 

I’m saying of negative emotion and thought.

You know, clouding your wishes to the universe with dark karma, so to speak.

Likewise… either making it impossible to create the life you want.

Or worse…

Creating the direct opposite of what you want. Or even manifesting a physical of the negative emotion you’re feeling.

Whether it’s hate… regret… self-doubt… anxiety…

But, if you want to overcome this subconscious wave of negative energy (ego-based thought built on fear and doubt), there IS a way.

I’m saying like to flip a switch in your mind to banish the negativity…

how to be your best

Learn more here on the path to your greatness…

Unlock all your untapped creative potential.


Bring forth a flood of abundance you never knew existed. You will be surprised how much creative power is waiting to be released.

But remember… cleansing the negative energy… sending your wishes to the universe within you.

Yes, and focusing on your full potential is half the equation.

You should do your part, too, and give the universe a way to GIVE you what you want.

The universe within you, not somewhere located “out there”, helps those who are willing to help themselves.

For it is those who are willing to create the channels to bring abundance into their lives. I absolutely mean, who are worthy of the happiness and peace the universe has to offer.

Keep that in mind as you live life to the fullest.

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In the next section, let’s look at the inner hardware of your psyche that Wayne Dyer taught me so much about.

Realizing Your Power for How to Be your Best

Let me talk about, ‘My True Free Will being Faster than your technical devices!’

You may have the fastest I-Phone or the sure fire internet service, whatever in the world. But, mine is faster!

When you put your True Free Will, which is God’s Will for you, ahead of anything “material” in this world, you have tremendous power.

About now you will probably be saying, “Okay, James, but I think you’re out of your mind.”

Not Really, I am just talking about a different type of software, if you will.

One that is completely Heavenly, is how to be your best.

Yes, of course, it is your absolute Oneness with your Creator!

Our technical products, computers, and such, run at fantastic speeds these days.

We have the ability to gain tremendous amounts information in just a fraction of a second.

And our power behind or beyond the body (WOW! What a device to have at our fingertips!)

It can assimilate and transfer information much faster than the fastest internet service.

But what restricts information flow coming from your material–computer and getting into your “Real Inner Power”?

Well, most of us read, or maybe you have learned to speed-read, for instance. But these are still too restrictive for you to be effective.

What would you do if I told you that there is a way to open that restriction up, so that you heighten your information flow?

What if I told you that you would also gain memory, mental clarity, enhanced decision making powers, and more,… as added benefits that simply come along for the ride?

This type of true free will learning is up to you. In the past, has only been available to the elite and wealthy,… but it is in you.

Final Thought on Being your Best:

Remember, how to be your best means coming to grips on what’s holding you back in life, and individual passion within you that successful people know about.

You too, can now bring forth your real TRUE FREE WILL… 

(I also suggest a related article on: Here’s why the power of your real mind in an instant may let go of fear holding you back…) 

All my best,

James Nussbaumer

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