How to Discover Your Purpose and Rid False Identity by the Light of Your Reality

It is impossible to see what you do not believe and still know how to discover your purpose in life.

It is not up to you to change others in the world, but merely to accept him as he is; and there you’ve touched the light of your reality.

It takes great surrendering of a false identity to understand that all things, events, encounters and circumstances are helpful.

In this article let’s explore through a metaphysical sense how to learn to be quiet in the midst of turmoil.

Yes, for how to discover your purpose is in quietness as an end of strife.

As well, and this is the journey to inner peace.

Let’s consider the right-mind as the signpost leading over the bridge to knowledge of why you are here on Earth.

While you dream of false ideas the right-mind senses something deeper, ineffable, far better, and with an urging to define it as real, and chooses to go with that feeling.

Keep in Mind that the Course in Miracles teaches:

  • No miracle can ever be denied to those who know that they are one with God. 

The wrong-mind continues to attack, thinking it is proving its separate identity, and will harm the body in doing so.

The mind cannot attack, but it can direct the body to do its dirty work.

It continues to project its guilt, but cannot seem to get rid of it through more and more image making.

This is what makes us feel miserable and holds you back from how to discover your purpose.

(I like this other related article, too, on: as a massive component of identifying why your Creator wills that you know your purpose is living according to what inspires you.) 

While the separated mind can clearly misperceive the function of the body, it cannot change its function from what the Holy Spirit has planned for it.

The body was not made out of love as the ego interprets it.

But, regardless, love does not condemn the body, and it can use it lovingly for communication purposes.

What I mean is, so that the Holy Spirit can undo the errors which make up the tangled web of separation.

The Holy Spirit corrects without punishment, by bringing to the Truth, or we can say bring the dream to Heaven.

But it’s not the other way around.

This is exactly what I was able to see in a direction needed for myself and for my loved ones who care about me.  

It was a course of action that others including some of others could not see through their own body’s eyes.

Wouldn’t you rather have all the thoughts of separation that you think you have become re-interpreted by your true thought system?

I’m asking you, as a means to your free will where your thoughts can be used for love, instead?

This is real salvation, and not about a false identity!

Wouldn’t you rather welcome and support a shift from fantasy to Truth and from separation to wholeness?

This is what the Sonship (Child of God) represents, as in “relationship” to the whole mind of Christ in each of us. This is God’s only begotten Son.

The Course in Miracles further teaches:

  • Realize that your part (in God’s plan) is to be happy. Only this is asked of you or anyone who wants to take his place among God’s messengers.  

As you shift so does the projection screen, which is obscuring the light of your reality. The screen automatically seems to lift up out of the way of the projection.

No screen, no images.

Your perception of the body can be clearly sick.

But healing begins as you shift to the opposite side of the false identity projections you’ve made.

Likewise, the ones that were made for you by others, which you’ve accepted.

The more the projections of fantasy or of a body seem to fade, your true extension will begin more and more showing you a free will full of passion and purpose that cannot be destructive.

As well, can only be helpful and healing.

This is true because you cannot make God’s Will destructive.

But you can remain in fantasy and operate from a thought system that promotes a false idea of yourself, if this is your wish.

You can choose to think this is how to discover your purpose. But conflict and misery will continue to be your dream.

(Let’s see in another related article why: that seriousness about how to know my purpose becomes another obstacle in life holding you prisoner from finding your passion in life…) 

To love and happiness always to you,

James Nussbaumer

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