I Think I am Depressed – Feeling Really Down and Sad for No Reason

People who have great lives certainly went through times of self-dialogue, like, I think I am depressed.

And people who are struggling, feeling really down. I mean, think and talk about what they don’t love more than what they do love.

Expect your every need to be met when you’re sad for no reason, and expect the answer to every problem.

Try to expect abundance on every level.

Expect to grow spiritually.

Let’s look at how I learned the hard way how many people, including me, have traveled through that dark corridor of, I think I am depressed.

These words from me to you are just to help you see some light, a little spark. Oh, yes, and get out of the dumps and feeling sad for no reason.

That which you give your energy and your emotion to becomes your reality. Whatever you give your emotions to becomes reality for you.

Well, prison is exactly where I spent far too much time over a foolish securities violation. And it was during a period of panic and abuse in the investment industry..

Feeling lonely often interrupts many individuals lives, from relationship struggles, to career, weight loss, and all sorts of confusion.

As well, is common with retirees and seniors, and individuals who are living alone.

Again, feeling lonely often interrupts many individual’s lives, from marriage and family struggles, to career, and all sorts of stress and anxiety.

Likewise, sad for no reason is common with retirees and seniors, and individuals who are living alone.

Going to prison is not an easy ordeal to live with, and I surely never wish it on anyone.

I noticed a parallel with feeling depressed and stuck and the self-imprisonment we often do to ourselves.

The Course in Miracles teaches us to: “Not be afraid to look within.”.

We rely on lots of diversions as a method of escaping feelings of idleness or monotony when we’re feeling, ‘I am so alone.’.

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In reality, solitude and loneliness are distinctly separate.

Let the peace and understanding you discover better equip you for the turmoil of today’s world.

The main thing we want to consider is; what is loneliness and isolation? Solitude does not necessarily mean to be alienating or lonely.

Remember when you’re feeling like, I think I am depressed, that loneliness is an emotional state.

Your feeling really down can be knowledgeable and you can learn to grow from this.

When you don’t know what to do if you feel depressed, I’m sure you’ll agree it seems difficult and even more self-imprisoning.

Are you thinking perhaps even however so slightly about how to begin overcoming loneliness depression?

In today’s mighty and high paced society, we’ve ended up being accustomed to filling the eeriness of silence with fluff.

Only when we are alone can we truly experience the sounds of silence, teaching us to reflect what we want in life into our material world.

It’s why I so often suggest that you learn how to do mindfulness meditation to help you achieve inner peace, and more on that here ….

Think about what it really is why feeling alone in life frightens us.

You know, when you feel trapped in life.

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To the beauty within you,

James Nussbaumer

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