I am Broke and Depressed overcome by Power of Choice

If you’re reading this right now and are continually telling yourself that, I am broke and depressed, you’ve probably been broke before, or know somebody who is fighting with being broke.

The pain and suffering of being in the state of, I am broke and depressed, is genuinely dreadful. But through reflection principles properly practiced there is a way out of this rut.

Being broke causes thoughts of misery, sensations of failure, desperation, depression, lack, absence and struggle.

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Being broke prevents us from reaching our capacity, from living our lives freely. Being broke tells us we don’t deserve to be wealthy.

How is it possible that like attracts like?

Being broke draws in more experiences of being broke.

When you hound yourself with the idea over and over of, I am broke and depressed, you are projecting a vicious circle of scarcity, instead of reflecting your natural abundance into your outer world.

This reflection principle is how we create and manifest everyday miracles, and get the life you want.

The Power of Choice is yours

That scarcity mindset can really quickly be transformed, as soon as we understand the basic laws of how our mind and spirit interact with the power of the universe, within you, not outside of you.

As always, this is why I urge you to seek out and learn how to do mindfulness meditation, or perhaps yoga healing techniques, for helping you get the life you want.

It is your hidden state of BEING, in this case, being broke, beating yourself up over the idea that, I am broke and need money now, that produces the resultant thoughts and sensations in your mind.

As a plan, this entire message is transmitted deeply into the laws and principles of the universe, which in return gives you more of the very same: experiences of being broke, piling on guilt that keeps you in the dark rather than the light of your true abundance within.

The Course in Miracles states, “Guilt makes you blind, for while you see one spot of guilt within you, you will not see the light.”

One of the laws is that we need to BE, before we can DO, and DO, before we can HAVE.

Of course modern-day society has actually twisted this all around, making it seem more difficult to reach our goals, and is why you are lowering yourself when you cry within that, I am broke and need money now.

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I am Broke and need Money Now

Being broke is a powerful message we are sending deep within ourselves. We remain in a state of BEING, and it is telling you that, I am broke and depressed.

This will inform our actions to act in ways to continue to be broke, and we will continue to have this condition of being broke in our lives.

The Course in Miracles further states, “And by projecting it the world seems dark, and shrouded in your guilt.

Your life experience is an outer reflection of your inner reality. All the sensations and thoughts you hold, purposely and automatically, are exactly what produce the experience that is your life.

Your previous thoughts of, I am broke and depressed, still hung onto, created your present, and your present is projecting your future.

It can be hard to comprehend that we are accountable for exactly what we experience. This is why of the habits of successful people everywhere is that they learn to act like a success and think like a success.

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I remember being unhappy, berating myself with thoughts of, I am broke and depressed, and, then experiencing occasions causing me to be more broke and unhappy.

Habits of Successful People

To break the cycle I initially needed to understand exactly what was broken in order to do an overall repair job. It was the message I was sending. I discovered there was a really simple way to fix it.

If I notice one day that I am unhappy, and understand that BEING dissatisfied is the cause of my continuing experience of unhappiness, it is that day that I can use my power of choice to change.

All I have to do to break the cycle is: decide to be happy. It does not take anything from outside me to be blissful, or at least content with life.

All I need to do is gain awareness, take time out, to reach deep within myself and let go of the state of lack, changing the misery and the notions of, I am broke and depressed.

All of us have this capacity.

Breaking the Vicious Cycle

Course in Miracles always encourages us “not to be afraid to look within.”

The power of choice is a practice of your true free will. You can choose to BE happy, healthy, rich and abundant, whatever you want.

Take a moment and just BE happy.

Once you have done it and comprehended it, it is possible for anybody to do and a very effective practice.

If you are being happy, you will do things that make you delighted, and you will bring in blissful experiences into your life.

Being happy is the initial step towards living a wonderful life.

It seems almost like a sweet short story or a poem, however realizing how the real universe truly works it whispers the secrets of life.

If you find yourself broke, killing yourself with thoughts of, I am broke and depressed, look within yourself and ask for guidance, and then listen for the answer.

Take that newer sensation and hold it, you are now BEING abundant, well, and wealthy. This is how to break the vicious cycle of being broke.

By being conscious of your states of being, you can choose to alter them. The positive outcomes will go back to you without failing, just by following the natural laws of the universe.

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James Nussbaumer

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