Feeling Fear Fades by Letting Go of a False Identity and Go With Your Gut

When we can understand how to escape feeling fear we have found a way to present peace in our everyday lives.

Nothing beyond yourself can present causes of fear because nothing is beyond you and your Creator. There is nothing that can destroy the real love that you are.

Certainly, it’s your peace of mind that guides you to go with your gut, because God goes with you wherever you go.

Only fantasy is conflicting.

Fantasies have made your body into the enemy which you are in conflict with.

The separated mind uses the body as its scapegoat for guilt. Yes, by directing its attack and blaming the body for what you wished it to do.

This is the insanity and unsoundness of mind that has us feeling fear.

Your fantasies make you weak and vulnerable. It is which makes the hate you have for the body acceptable.

You have made your identity out of this projected image of flesh and bones, and smiles and hair styles.

Is it unsoundness?

Yes, no?

This is how we justify the guilt and is what causes fear. But you ask again due to your unsoundness, guilt of what?

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It’s the guilt that has piled up high within you for not living a life according to your true free will, and if that’s not enough.

There’s also the guilt for projecting a body.

Good or bad hairstyles, or smiles, it is a body you made. It is fantasy, yet those lovely true beautiful smiles reflect your real Home, Heaven.

Think of the guilt you feel when you’re pursuing something that goes against your true gut.

You have turned against yourself by seeing the Son of God as a body, made out of your choice to be separate from God.

The separated thought that dreams of false ideas has us feeling fear.

It is the guilt you harbor for seeing yourself apart from or disconnected from your Source.

Any way you look at it, this is the figure in the dream which you made. As well, any false identity of yourself you carry around with you keeps you from going with your gut.

It serves your guilt and stands between you and other minds, and this causes fear.

You are feeling the guilt for making the gap in your mind that is feeling fear. Minds are joined and are not separate in the real world.

However, these fantasies you make of a false idea of who you are. Likewise, obscures the light of your identification with the whole mind.

You are actually Love, and anything else you dream up as a replacement is feeling fear.

This is why you love the idea of oneness and unity by your separated thought, which is that tiny speck of dreaming mind, keeping you at a distance.

You are confined to your body by yourself. Therefore, the guilt of you being your own jailer progressively piles high.

Regardless of what the ego-based mind has dreamed up, there are only two emotions your body may reveal.

All emotion you experience is either of love or fear. There is no middle ground.

The Course in Miracles teaches us that:

  • It is either of the real or the unreal, which is a thought system of either the ego-based mind, or the Holy Spirit.

It’s your choice of littleness or grandeur. Nothing grandiose or pompous can increase this littleness, but can increase the fantasy you live by.

However, love is extended through your grandeur.

Oh, yes, and causes of fear ang of the guilt fade away. But, also where more fear will try to cover the guilt and hide it only to project more of it.

The more it projects the better hiding place the ego has to plan more fantasy.

Your right-mind provides you with information constantly about how it is processing what your body’s eyes see.

This information is either of lover or fear. Yes, you will still experience fear in the right-mind, but without panic and with calm resolution.

Remember, the right-mind also of separation, has a taste for grandeur.

It has the slight sense of reality from behind the dream, the signpost that urges love over fear.

The right-mind is the Holy Spirit’s territory, or it is His Office if you will. Yes, indeed, for undoing the errors that made the false ideas of fantasy.

This has been the illusion of a separate mind that the Holy Spirit reverses, re-interprets, and guides out of imprisonment.

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To your best life ever,

James Nussbaumer

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