How to Face Challenges in Life Head On for Being Successful in Life

Right here we discuss how to face challenges in life so you can own up to being successful in life.

With the power of manifestation within you as the writer, director, producer, and actor of your destiny, you have the capacity for overcoming obstacles in life.

I mean to a greater state of awareness where difficulties become minimal. Yet possibilities to be aligned with your inner most Guidance system.

The issue is that all frequently you may discover on your own confronted with the same obstacles quite often.

This is when your inspiration seems to diminish for facing obstacles head on.

Then, obstacles can end up being issues that can spiral you right into misery as well as stress.

How to Face Challenges in Life by Understanding a Crucial Error

The first error of life’s obstacles and challenges not so surprisingly, is that Truth seems different for everyone.

Just like everything else the ego in us all built on fear and doubt, believes each of us are separate.

Likewise that we do indeed have a separate set of truthful thoughts. The ones that set one person apart from another in so much as being special.

A Course in Miracles states:

  • “There is no substitute for truth. And truth will make this plain to you as you are brought into the place where you must meet with truth.”

Since time began the ego has been convincing mankind that being “special” is a good thing. But for now, try to see this specialness as ego-based fuel.

I will say here, that specialness breeds with this first error with truth. That, which makes us believe there is a hierarchy of illusions or untruths.

I mean some more valuable and more true than others.

But let me say it would thrill me that you’d be urged to ask me one question.

You’re asking; “How can one untruth be more valuable than another when they’re both unreal to begin with?”

Good for you, if you already know this to be impossible.

Think about it.

Don’t we often establish within ourselves, that what we hold as value is more valuable to ourselves alone, than the values of others?

This justifies our attack and our defense to the ever rising disputes over who violates who. Like with property rights, an endless array of boundaries and limits.

As well as, all the litigation filling up court dockets over those who are alleged to be negligent, and so on.

Our values always seem to differ, and so we battle to the bitter end to maintain our special values. Who really does become the winner in the end?

What is really in winning over losing, other than proving one’s own specialness and separateness?

Is to win at all cost the price we must pay to value a separate identity? And then fight further to make it appear special?

Can this buy you a true free will? Is this a path of purpose and passion?

Think about how this seems to interfere with your real purpose in life. It gives a separate set of rules for particular truths.

Thus making how to face challenges in life and the many hurdles seem to be harder to climb over than others.

It was the Victory of defeating a hurdle.

If it were realized that your hurdles in life are not really hurdles at all, things would change.

I’m saying, but are equally the same and untrue. Then it would be easy to understand that your purpose in life depends on these so-called hurdles.

Who interpreted them as an obstacle? Who named them hurdles? Could we rather call them speed bumps?

A Course in Miracles further states: “Let your mind wander not through darkened corridors, away from light’s center.

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How do I cope with challenges in life, you may ask?

Is it possible the Holy Spirit–your inner divine Guide, could be asking you to slow down and take a closer look?

These bumps in the road are a part of the process that gets your attention. With your alertness toward how to face challenges in life you can ask: “What shall I do next?”  

When you listen close enough you will see that it is your errors. Yes, your mistakes, and all of your wrong-minded ego-based thoughts and perceptions.

Mostly of yourself and the world around you, that are wanting to be corrected. The wrong-mindedness itself in you knows itself to be untrue.

A new path gets started. Your interpretations were getting off track due to your lessons from the ego.

Remember, we have a thought system either of the ego or of the Holy Spirit. There is no middle ground.

One is successful, and the other “keeps dreaming” and living in illusion. Which thought system is the foundation for your interpretations?

When you bring errors and all of your wrong-mindedness to the truth, instead of to each other, they simply fade away.

This causes a natural shift for how to face challenges in life.

A shift over to more of a right-minded approach to life.

For instance, if you’re not feeling well in attitude, confidence and trust in yourself and in the world around you, simply ask: “What is it I am missing?”

By asking your inner most Guide how to face challenges in life, you’ve started a shift; a slight motion to the right-mind.

The nothingness in your life cannot be resistant to the truth, but it stops right there if you want it to.

So why do we try so hard to make the untruths of the world become true. It can’t be done, especially for how to face challenges in life.

But we continue to try because of the fear instilled in us by our own wrong-mindedness, or ego.

But what is it we really fear?

It’s always the same old fear of losing something, even if it’s the loss of something untrue and unreal.

It’s as though we fight with ourselves to keep living the lie. Then we turn around and give ourselves approval because we’ve been taught that we are naturally fearful.

Life in this world is complete of obstacles. But being successful in life means a feeling of contentment for how to face challenges in life straight up.

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To rising above life challenges,

James Nussbaumer

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