Letting Go of Fear as the First Step for How to Stop Being Judgmental

By letting go of fear I do not indicate that I have no fears at all.

Nor do I deliberately walk in front of heavy traffic, or allow wild animals to approach me.  

I have actually felt just how my fears and judgement of others come to form in my body as a parallel.

Likewise, I have relocated right into that physical unpleasantness in order to focus on anxiety and fear.

I mean in a manner I have actually never permitted myself to do in the past.

It has just been with my spiritual maturity that I cannot go a single day without a breathing meditation exercise.

It’s why I urge you to learn how to mindfulness meditation to reduce your stress and anxiety the world likes to offer us.

(BTW… I suggest this 7 Minute Mindfulness technique that I just love and has helped so many others.)

I imply that I have actually had sessions in reflection, enjoyed the anxieties occurring and watching them leave me.

Just as well as opposed to different fears responding in the form of judging others. 

For years of my life letting go of fear was difficult for me. I will say by facing different fears we have is the first step of how to stop judging people.

When can get a grip on how to stop being judgmental with ourselves and of others good things occur. It’s a great beginning for how to live the life you want.

So let’s move on and look at some of the, “Unanswered questions” we have that keep us from letting go fear.

The Unanswered Questions on Different Fears

We’re always interpreting something, and it’s either from wrong-mindedness or from the reflections of right-minded thoughts and perceived notions.

The ‘wrong-minded’ ego-based aspect in us all is built on fear, doubt, judgment, and the like. Where the ‘right-mind’ is in tune with the spirit of our Creator in all we do.

Keep in mind that the Course in Miracles states: 

  • “The ego therefore opposes all appreciation, all recognition, all sane perception and all knowledge. It perceives their threat as total, because it senses that all commitments the mind makes are total.”

You see, the power of God within us is not meant to frighten us. Love and fear cannot abide together.

True right-mindedness which is where we begin letting go of fear is inner peace and joy.

As well, the positive attitude that goes with it doesn’t want to accept fear as its way for knowing God.

This fearful way of looking at Divinity certainly brings on confusion.

I mean, when deep within we only want to live in truth. This is of love and not of fear.

No other book on Earth, the planet itself, which is a projection of the separated mind, had many followers of right-minded thought as does the Bible.

But on the other hand, no other book has as many unanswered questions. That’s because of wrong-minded, bodily interpretation.

I’m saying which many individuals are afraid to come forward in their mind to learn about. We’re afraid of letting go of fear.

But what we do is argue and get into sometimes serious conflicts with one another over the Bible’s interpretation.

Let’s be serious, does this judging others scenario really make sense?

But our fears do continue, and is an open invitation for the collective ego to make interpretations. Yes, in a way that benefits it.

What benefit is this?

First of all we must understand what exactly the collective ego is. It is the sum of all its splitting and fragmentation seen as individual wholes that battle for superiority.

In my ever-developing book series we learn to understand the ego-based mind where letting go of fear happens.

Therefore, ego interpretation is used for the benefit of giving its individual life for a little while longer. To do so it must preserve its separate identity.

The need of being special and of being separate brings on chaos and judging others which is born from fear.

(Here’s another related article on: doing nothing for surrendering different fears, except for looking at them for the ugly illusion they are.) 

Did Her Judgmental Letter Offend Me?

I once wrote a meaningful article targeted for the Easter season. Likewise I convinced a spiritual magazine that my article written from prison was suitable for its readers.

I set in the article as instructed the meaning of the Resurrection.

The theme of the matter was that we should try to see the lesson of the Resurrection without emphasis on a body which had risen from the dead.

The emphasis should be toward a vision of not having death at all. I mean a sensation of living eternally regardless of what happens to the body.

I wrote emphatically on the importance of understanding the body.

Yes, as a symbol of the false ideas we make about our own Divinity.

I went on to say that God doesn’t want us to praise Him or His Son as a body. Or as a spirit, because He has no ego that needs stroked.

I further added that if all of humanity, which is God’s whole Son (Child), can honor each other as such, then this would truly be considered, “Praising the Lord.”

The editor of this quite popular magazine returned the rejected 2,000 word article with a quite detailed sarcastic letter.

She stated in choice words that her readers were not ready to view God as anything other than a representation of the body.

It was noted, because “after all,” she said, “we were created in His Likeness.”

She didn’t like my idea that, “in His Likeness” really means, “of like mind”.

The abrupt magazine editor concluded very defensively, that improper treatment to the body and even bad thoughts about it are indeed sinful.

She suggested I had a strong voice that raised the words from the paper it was typed on.

And, that if I would have had “more respect” for my own body, maybe I wouldn’t be sitting in prison.

I mean, she really tried to nail me to a cross.

Did her judgmental communication and the words she chose offend me?

No, and I was able to easily chuckle a little. Sure, and overlook her sarcasm for what it was, and then look beyond it.

Who knows, there may have been something going on in her life where I innocently flipped a switch.

It wasn’t my place to judge. I simply let it go.     

Wherever the ego is involved it always seems to be the illusion which is being overwhelmed with chaos.

The Course in Miracles further states: 

  • “Do you want the problem or do you want the answer. Decide for the answer and you will have it, for you will see it as it is, and it yours already.”

Why is chaos an illusion when it sure seems to be real?

It’s not love, so it cannot be real. It can only be a separated thought, and is not of the Oneness of the Mind of God.

We seem to have made the laws of chaos, or an order if you will, that keeps us faithful to fear. These laws of chaos are not understood and are meaningless.

They’re nothing more than an obstacle to reason and truth. With this obstruction we keep ourselves from knowing the reality of our true potential.

Likewise, others like to interpret one for us. And may not honor your own interpretation of yourself out of their fear you may prove them wrong.

So don’t get caught up in the potential that others may have for you.

Let’s now begin to look closely at the laws of chaos from a position of reason and off truth. 

So that we can then look beyond the different fears we have.

We need to understand these laws as being nothing, but the obscuring cloud cover to our true light.

Only when you see your light can you know your purpose in life.

Your purpose and passion in life is not about judging others.

But keep in mind as you learn these laws, to not only try to understand what they are. Also, try to see how it is the purpose of these laws of chaos to maintain unsettledness.

Fear and chaos makes more meaningless conflict and judgement by attacking the truth. Why does the ego wish to maintain all this negative nonsense?

That’s because the ego is afraid of itself, a body, where death is inevitable.

(This other suggested related article discusses neither you or I can learn how to attain inner peace. And make things happen in our lives when we feel tense, anxious, or fearful most of the time.)

To the life you want to live,

James Nussbaumer

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