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Why is trusting to go with your instinct so effective?

Following your heart and passion defines that something within you has been cataloging a great deal of lessons.

I mean information for you to rely on all the days your life while in this world.

Following your heart patiently is relying on the collection of all your subconscious experiences.

Rather than get upset or unsettled during times of chaos and confusion patiently and quietly go with your instinct.

After a disagreement or communication that needs a choice from you, offer your heart to the situation.

It is just one the most typically administered nuggets of specialist suggestions: It is, “Always follow your heart without fear or judgement.” 

But I do realize at times it can be an extremely difficult task to execute.

In quietness and with patience go with your instinct.

The evening news gave footage of a major league baseball player in disgust. He was throwing his batting helmet at his feet and bouncing off the ground.

His protest was over the umpire wrongly calling him out on strikes. The slow-motion video clearly proves an error in the call, and was outside the strike zone.

However, the news anchor woman sighted for us while the footage rolled; that the ball player “threw his helmet at the umpire.”

It is believable because of her “anchor status” and that she “said so.” But clearly not the case in how I saw it.

She went on to conclude her story with a comment about the Bible saying: “Do unto others.”

I’ve been often asked if my writings and teachings from A Course in Miracles replaces the Bible in my life.

Without hesitation, I can clearly answer, absolutely no it does not.

In fact, the many lessons and messages I receive daily from ACIM, enhances my understanding. I mean of what the authors of the Bible’s 166 books truly intended to relate and extend to us.

A Course In Miracles certainly expands, rather than relinquishing my own holy thoughts. All of us have holy thoughts which make us true to our own hearts.

But there is a problem in much of our misunderstanding of scripture. Likewise all that leaves room for questions.

The error lies in the ego’s many different interpretations of the Bible and of its many verses.

From generation to generation, and in changing times along the way, much of the confusion is its interpretation. This is due to the emphasis on the physical body in the Bible’s stories and messages.

It shouldn’t be difficult for us to understand, that the Bible was written over the course of many years. Generations upon generations over centuries.

Also with many different contributors of different cultures, who are also of the same dreaming, separated mind.

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We must keep in mind that because of separation and separate identities, each individual’s projections will differ and take on its own separate meaning.

Go with your Instinct instead of Fearful Interpretations

Thousands of years or an instant, it’s all the same from behind the dream of time.

True reality has no time. The pre-time, unseparated mind is the source of the “urging” of those who wrote Scripture.

They had true intent to accept the reality of their feelings and is a lesson to go with your instinct. Their real vision was the inspired sensation of who they were beyond false ideas.

Their attitude was truly positive, or we can say following their heart. 

These individuals wrote from their hearts and were not trying to fool anyone. I’m saying by inserting magic or exaggeration into their messages.

They operated from a go with your heart inspiration which A Course in Miracles terms, “right-mindedness.”

And which represented the Holy Spirit’s instructions for them. There were on a mission to silence the ego the best way they knew how for that time period.

These individuals followed their right-minds which gave them glimpses of one-mindedness.

Just as you and I are able to do when you go with your instinct.

But these people were not quick to dismiss these thoughts as intuition or put them off as being dangerous.

They trusted the truth within themselves, a lesson to always follow your heart. However, in their time few others were willing to follow their hearts in the same manner.

Generations to follow continued to interpret and then re-interpret the original writings of the Bible.

They were always keeping emphasis on the body. The goal has always been to help common, ordinary, everyday people to understand God.

Belief systems would be set, and then more in depth interpretations by groups and special counsels.

These commissioned by kings, would make for religious to begin building on this foundation.

As things always seem to go, interpretations could not be agreed on. Thereby were settled by higher courts, or bodies.

However, the Bible itself is not religion even though many try to make us believe it is. Some, but not all, by using interpretations designed to instill the fear of God.

But this design is not intentional and is ego based born out of fear.

The ego with a foundation of fear and doubt thinks that fear can defeat other fears. It’s as though the ego in us thinks it can fight fire with fire.

This is evident in why it projected the “hell fire” concept.

For example, the author of the following verse in Hebrews, certainly did not intend to frighten generations to follow with the words: “And there is no creature hidden from His sight, but all things are naked and open to the eyes of Him to whom we must give account.”

It was not the writer himself. But the ego-based mind in years to follow that insisted this Bible verse to mean something other than what was in the writer’s heart.

The teaching became that we must always be watching our every move. Like, the decisions we make and the actions we take.

And that in the end we will be judged and must account for our wrong doings. I don’t know about you, but I take this as an attempt to frighten me.

If I go along with this interpretation, I am only frightening myself, and my knowledge of God is blocked.

But regardless of the separated mind set of the ego thriving to frighten itself, as well as our realness, the Holy Spirit, Who abides in the right-mind wants us to realize the certainty of Truth.

This is crucial so that we are never fearful to go with your instinct to live the life you want.

That said, for our benefit the Holy Spirit in us all re-interprets this Bible verse in Hebrews to really mean: “Once we understand that the ego representing our false ideas is only an illusion, it will eventually fade from our minds.

With this, we will have already accessed the knowledge that it’s great that you go with your instinct. Especially so true in times of confusion.

After all, where do the thoughts of ‘trust your gut feeling’ derive from?

As well will have already taken into account (gain experience) of the joy and inner peace of the oneness we are with God; our Source for life.

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To going with your heart,

James Nussbaumer

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