How to Get your Ex-Husband Back and Heal the Love Relationship

It’s not too late to seek and find how to get your ex-husband back and begin healing the connection–the heart between the two of you. Do you truly from your heart and inner essence want to win your ex-back?

Is healing the love relationship important to you? 

You can learn how to get your ex to begin WANTING you MADLY, like when you first met, and lovingly asking you to get back together. 

I hope you chuckle over that, because my intent was to raise even a slight smile.

The video below and also posted to YouTube, helps you to see that most real and loving relationships that went astray for whatever reason, can absolutely be healed and saved.



The true love you feel and that inner wholeness you feel about one another, is what the Course in Miracles terms, the”holy relationship,” and you can find that once again.

The WHY factor involved when so many women end up heartbroken is because of what they say and do just after the separation. 

As you contemplate this article and video, keep in mind what the Course in Miracles states about accepting the holy relationship: “Is it a sacrifice to leave littleness behind, and wander not in vain.”

Looking at the past now, I mean when you’re contemplating how to get your ex-husband back, you hound yourself with things like, “Were there any signals that you missed for ways to win your ex back.

A sign that he was unhappy or perhaps that he had met someone else.

You can learn how to get your ex-husband back and actually let him come to you and start healing your love relationship.

Yes, and on to more inner healing where you are more connected as-one and whole-minded with each other than ever before, and looking forward to rest of your life together.

I highly suggest looking into this program for how to get your ex-husband back, and for keeps, for the rest of your life. 

Follow this strategy and you’ll be in the KNOW on the right way to get him back into your life.

I also urge you to check out a Women’s Life Confidence program that can help you to extend the inner gorgeous that you are into your material world.

I will add that with this powerful ‘healing the love relationship’ strategies and lessons,  you will see what women like you need to do, and exactly what ways to win your man.

The love relationship has broken, but you are still you, so find yourself madly in love and and quit mindfully upsetting yourself over, will he ever come back, or is there a way I can get him back in my life?

(Here’s a related article that is an honest review on another program called, Women Men Adore: and is it helpful in keeping your man from leaving?) 

To a life of love and happiness, 

James Nussbaumer

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