Increase Happiness Naturally Now Easily by Your Most Special Treasure

How to increase happiness and peace in life naturally is a goal for most every breathing human being.

Do you realize that there are gifts that will multiply your bliss and find your happiness when you give them away?

Here are some great ideas for finding happiness with ease and being all you can be while in this world.

Providing these natural gestures will allow you to show others your divine nature. It is simply your most special treasure: your genuine self.

Each gift will go back to you time and time again. 

As you contemplate each of these gifts, think of ways that you might share that gift with someone today.

  • Share appreciation to naturally increase happiness.

Tell someone how much you value the faith they’ve displayed in you. Thank them sincerely for being part of your life.

Inform them how much they are needed.

Remember, what appreciates grows in strength, like we may say a wonderful stock on Wall Street.

Feeling appreciated is one of the most essential needs that individuals have. They will not forget you when you share with someone your gratitude and appreciation.

Appreciation will go back to you over and over like crazy! 

  • Share time and hang out.

Stabilize your time expenditures so you can hang out with individuals that you enjoy. Assist local organizations by sharing your unique skills.

Volunteer time for projects that benefit others in your country, community, and world.

We will often uncover presents and talents we didn’t know we had when we slow down and observe our ideas closely.

Sharing time and talents can result in discoveries that bring joy beyond procedure.

  • Share understanding and concepts that excited you.

Tell someone about a fantastic book that you check out so they can benefit from it too. Teach a new concept or concept that you’ve found out.

Hmmm… Hey, a great idea, why not turn them on to my ever-developing book series, right? (Har, har, but serious!)

One of the very best methods to enhance new ideas in your mind is to share them with others.

The more frequently you share what you’ve learned, the more powerful that details will end up being in your memory.

Sharing knowledge likewise offers solutions to issues. The more understanding we share, the more understanding we get in return.

  • Share relationships to increase happiness.

What I mean is, acknowledge somebody’s strengths. Go to somebody you haven’t seen for a long time.

Bringing one person into another’s life can result in significant changes for both individuals, and for you.

If you’d like to have numerous wonderful acquaintances become closer friends, then share relationship with others generously.

  • Share generosity

Perform a random act of generosity for somebody: a smile, compliment, or a favor just for enjoyable. These will increase and spread out really rapidly.

There is a powerful quote stated by me, James Nussbaumer, in my books: “Be all you can be to another a human being today and look for a smile in return.”

Ideas for the light to come on within me for that quote came from a new friend I was introduced to.

Compassion is priceless. The love, generosities, and worth we have given authentically to others will be our staying treasures at the end of life.

  • Share experience to naturally increase happiness.

Share the tough times that have actually assisted you become more powerful and better. When shared, the value of these experiences multiplies.

Our unique experiences and understandings of life are priceless. Sharing experiences will build among the greatest bonds with others.

Our descendants can benefit and discover from our lifetime experiences for generations to come.

  • Share enthusiasm and passion for living.

If you are delighted about a brand-new success, inform somebody. Show your glow if you’re happy about a brand-new job.

Your enthusiasm will influence others to progress with actions that bring rewarding achievements.

Enthusiasm keeps us looking forward to the future. It brings a number of those amazing days that we can relish with gratitude.

That type of radiant excitement for life is impossible to conceal. It is contagious and will rapidly infect others.

Consider this lesson by the late Wayne W. Dyer: “Happiness is always in your power of intent to share as much as possible.”

We earn a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

Sharing these ideas sends our ideas on a far-reaching journey where they will touch lots of lives, and reconnect with our own.

Would you like to receive these same life-enhancing presents again and once again? Begin multiplying your happiness by sharing among these unique gifts with someone today!

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Next, let’s look deeply at having that heightened state of mind many will term enlightenment.

A Heightened State of Mind Certainly will Increase Happiness 

Riding along life in a heightened state of mind, “rush” for passion, we may say, or being being naturally high is breathtaking.

This flying through the puffy white clouds is the sensation we strive for every day, and it certainly does increase happiness.

What’s the huge attraction to this heightened state?

Many medical authorities would have us believe that the desire for a consistent high is an addiction. Likewise, an unhealthy and impractical one at that.

A Built-in Homing Device

My life experience reveals the opposite. Such a drive is not only healthy, however also really sensible.

Our destination to highs is a natural, built-in homing gadget implanted in us by the Universe. This destination leads us to the real meaning in life– the genuine offer, genuine satisfaction.

It’s God’s Light extended to us in the Creation to get us to bite deeper into life’s offerings.

The Course in Miracles teaches us:

  • Happiness, peace and love is a law without an opposite. There is no love but God’s, and what He is, is everything there is. Love waits on welcome, not on time.” 

A Call to Awaken Our Deeper Nature to Increase Happiness

This desire for peak excitement is sustained by a deep inner knowing that this buzz is a peek of our true natural state.

On an extremely primal level, we connect this incredibly feeling with our natural inheritance, our rightful bequest to feel great all the time.

It’s the Universe’s way of leading us house to the reality– that our very essence is this high frequency vibrational sensation.

Our true “regular” human condition is to feel great.

Ideas and Thoughts Abound

When I was 11 or 12 years old, I discovered a strong, overjoyed rush of sensation within my being when I was gazing at a midnight sky.

You know, all its glory sparkling with say a full moon.

A shooting star darting across in an instant. 

I felt the specific very same physical and psychic rapture when I started to play the guitar. 

Surprisingly, I enjoyed the same tingling in my body when being in a wooded area empty of people, or alone on the golf course.

I was the prepared to the penetrating noise of silence.

A few years later, as I transformed from a young boy into a teenager, I enjoyed this very same intense development of sensual-spiritual electricity.

Let’s say the warmth and connection when I began to dance with girls. And, too, things like swimming in the local creek.

What’s Going on Here to Increase Happiness?

I was being introduced to far more than romantic, sexual awakening.

My entire being was opening into the wonder and power of my true physical-spiritual nature: high voltage electrical power!

This magnificent initiation can not be marked down and discarded as merely “overactive hormonal agents!” It is so much more.

In the West, we may explain this extensive inner effectiveness as Natural Vitality.

The Chinese call this electro-magnetic force chi, the Japanese ki, the Indians prana, and native peoples primal vital force.

Charm and Intensity is King

Natural Aliveness passes many names. We describe a person having a lot of natural electrical power as having a great deal of charm or a magnetic personality.

Professional athletes look for the much-revered runner’s high.

When the cosmos is enhancing someone’s objectives, we state the turned-on individual is groovin, smokin, cookin, steamin– on fire!

No Waiting in Line to Increase Happiness

This exalted state is not the unique pleasure of a fortunate birth or fanatic professional athlete. There’s no lack, quota or waiting list for this God-given gift of Grandeur.

This Feel Good State is more offered than a lot of folks understand. To live in a high octane, high octave state, all we need to do is purchase it.

We quickly recognize that it’s readily available 24/7 from unlimited sources in our everyday environment when we welcome this exhilaration and invite.

Feel You from Beyond the Form

The Course in Miracles further teaches us:

  • “Realize that your part (in God’s plan) is to be happy. Only this is asked of you or anyone who wants to take his place among God’s messengers.”

The trick to opening to the rush of life’s Feel Good Thought System is to look underneath the surface area of whatever outer forms we encounter.

The key to opening the juice is the intention to experience life “behind the scenes.”

Then you will when you approach any activity with the objective and attitude that you will receive energy– a lift or increase– from the interaction.

And, in the exact same way, when you expect the interaction to need of you a lot of additional effort– work, battle– then it will.

The seer (see-er) identifies the outcome of every life interaction to be either energy-draining or energy-giving.

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A Rose Is a Rose Is a Rose and Is Just Like You

Native and ancient peoples know the fact about energy. Underneath all surface appearances streams pulsating power.

Energy is energy is energy– no matter what the kind.

Knowing this truth, you can knowingly decide to take advantage of the aliveness. It’s the vitality; at the core of all matter, type and circumstances.

The most extensive, practical benefit of Natural Pure Vitality is the gateway it provides you to receive energy.

Yes, of course, I mean from every aspect of your environment; human, plant, animal, mineral, chemical, plastic, solar.

Of course also to mention, outstanding, essential, extraterrestrial, inter-dimensional, ascended and angelic Master.

Natural Pure Vitality is choosing to have a mindful, consistent, vibrant, heart-body-soul connection. It is with all living beings and all forms of life– even the “so-called” inanimate ones.

Fund Your Dreams while you Increase Happiness

This Life Force can be used to recover, enhance and change yourself, others and the planet.

When you learn to allow your God Essence to increase upward through your physical chakra energy centers, you renew every cell in your body; yes, dissolve obstructed emotional paths and access endless power to create your dreams.

By linking this energy with the heart, it becomes prayer.

As this energy ascends into your consciousness, discoveries and visions blossom. Kundalini Rising ultimately causes communion with the Divine.

I Am Spirit and True Essence Look “Inspire you- now.” 

Spiritual Inspiration is an intimacy which is a graceful and ancient channel to opening Natural Pure Vitality.

To call something “sacred” indicates to hallow or venerate it, to consecrate and dedicate it to a crucial function– like permitting yourself to be filled with Source Essence. “Intimate” in Latin suggests “a friend involving closeness.”

Final Words on Attaining a Peak State of Mind:

So now it’s time for you to begin to increase happiness naturally by truly understanding your divine nature. It is simply your most special treasure: your genuine self.

You have the power to make every activity a “spiritual act”– be it cuddling an animal, in awe of a starry night sky, or a walk in the woods.

You have the gift to increase happiness whenever you want to do so.

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To finding four happiness within,

James Nussbaumer

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