Inner Power, Mental Power as a Love Affair

Many might think of attaining mental power or inner power in selfish terms, but how to gain spiritual power and transformation of self is not difficult to do nor is inner power egocentric. In those terms, the notion of inner or developing psychic abilities becomes the avenue many take for success in life.

In book 1 of the series we discuss…Without a doubt, mental power or inner power is the supreme benefit available to the one’s spirit, but let’s don’t miss the point that the real truth is developing psychic abilities, or how to gain spiritual power is not a lonely affair, but more so this divine inner power is a love affair.

A Course in Miracles states, It is only the awareness of the body that makes love seem limited.”

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I began learning the game of golf as a teenager and continued through my adult life. 

One thing about golf is that it does grab your spirit and does require mental power. 

There are times while playing a round of golf when, even if just for a moment or two, you leave all distractions behind while focusing on the execution of a particular shot. 

Then, once the job is complete, good or bad, you return your attention and state of mind to the camaraderie of your playing companions. 

An avid, serious golfer will often spend countless hours on the driving range, grinding away at a particular aspect of his or her game.  Often this can be considered or compared to “going within.”

What about psychic abilities?

A story of mental power or inner power is told of the late, world-renowned golf champion Ben Hogan, who was playing in a Ryder Cup match in the 1950s. 

In those days, the Ryder Cup was a team event between the United States and Britain. 

Hogan, an American player, was on the driving range before a match, fine-tuning his golf swing, and was known by all the other golfers as loving to “grind” ball after ball on the range. 

He was pounding his driver out there, about 230 yards on the fly with a slight left-to-right direction of his ball flight, called a “fade.” 

His caddy was standing out there with a baseball mitt, catching each shot and placing the balls on a stack.  His caddy did not have to move, due to the accuracy and precision of each shot Hogan made.  One right after another, as spectators were amazed.

Inner Power, for Sure!

A member of the British team happened to be watching Hogan practicing and said to him, “I say, Ben, I believe I could help you with a bit of advice to correct that fade of yours.”  Hogan did not reply, nor did he acknowledge the golfer’s presence. 

In all of his mental power it was as though Hogan didn’t know he was there.

The Brit blurted out again, “I say, Ben—oh Ben, did you hear me?  I say, Ben, if you’d drop your right hand a bit under the grip you’d be able to cure that fade.”

Hogan knew nothing was impossible for him and while exercising inner power Hogan continued to pound ball after ball like a machine, directly into his caddy’s baseball mitt, as a good-sized pile of balls grew at his side. 

In the middle of Hogan’s golf swing, he softly spoke to the British player: “Why do I need a cure?  You don’t see my caddy moving, do you?”

A Course in Miracles offers these words for meditation or prayer: “I rule my mind, which I alone must rule.”

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Be sure to take look at how to connect with your inner genius, it might surprise you how easy and fun it can be. 

To your inner power,

James Nussbaumer

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