Life Problems Solved Quickly by How to Change my Life for the Better

I feel that somewhere in the world there is a great individual going through life problems that may find this article soothing.

The real story to support changes in your life is in NOT being afraid to own up to your innermost core; and accept That as Who you are.

Your real home, and mine, is where there is no need to change my life, or yours.


Because it’s a true essence that represents the true meaning of life. Nothing needs to be explored.

Your real Home, Heaven, does not need to explore anything!

Keep in mind as you collect from this article the value for you, this principle deep in the text of A Course in Miracles:

  • “Salvation is no more than a reminder this world is not your home. Its laws are not imposed on you, its values are not yours. And nothing you think you see in it is really there at all.”

I realize I am not the only one were changes in life and personal transformation have often been dealt with by utmost confusion.

I mean, how to change my life for the better, can be answered by a sense of loss you have overcome.

It might be pain or anxiety. Wouldn’t you agree, the experience can be life problems mounting? 

This is because many people have never known it was okay to just let go.

What I mean by surrender is to detach themselves from forms that are no longer appropriate.

There is a mess going against positive changes of society going around helping us have life problems.

It’s projected by humanity, which makes it even more difficult to let go. I’m saying, thinking there will be nothing better to replace what we’re losing.

But if you’ll focus on what it is you truly want, and if you will acknowledge that what you have now things change.

I mean as a creation from the past which can easily be surrendered. Likewise, then your future can forecast anyway you choose it to be.           

Simply start now to deal with life problems by filling your thoughts with what you want to create.

Absolutely, then you’ll be making positive changes to have it.

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Let go of the fantasy wishes you really do not want, and life problems with chaos will fade with the wishes.

You’ll make it difficult to have what you want, while you’re wishing. Of course, problems will always seem to pop up as part of the process.

Just remember the hurdles along the way are only “speed bumps,” to help you know how to change your life for the better. 

We seem to expect life problems to be knocking at the door.

But aren’t problems only what they appear to be because someone needs a problem?

Problems are being sold to us everyday on TV news, and radio commercials, the daily newspaper.

Yes, pop up on your computer.

Messages arriving from everywhere, including the White House, the Governor’s office, you name it.

It seems, someone wants to solve your problems.

Often, it’s a problem you’ve never known you had.

President Reagan signed into law that which allows companies to produce long “infomercials.”

It is that which disguise themselves as regular news broadcasts on television. This, too, helps you to see solutions to problems you never knew you had.

There is always a way to overcome being in the dumps as you hound yourself over, need to change my life.

I mean no longer putting up with more worry and fear in your daily life.

Many individuals wish to romance their problems for the attention they receive from others.

They are, making it an issue that seems to be more special than anyone else’s problems.

We have a society that plans and works hard to stay ahead of chaos and work toward making positive changes.

This itself becomes problematic.

In fact, finding or making problems has even replaced real and legitimate work in some sectors of society.

Since I don’t want to get my dander up over a political discussion, here, in this article I will let you contemplate my findings.

There are thousands of lobbyists, and lobbyist groups, special interest groups, and sellers of “moans and groans. ”

Yes, the ones who create and promote issues for their gain.

There is money in it, big bucks, and of course, political gain, righteousness, publicity and special privileges.

The kind that flow to the purveyor of the correct emotion.

But let’s remember that truth and illusion are opposites and have no connection.

Any false ideas never become true, no matter how long and hard you pray. Or whatever magic formula you seek out.

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To wonderful changes in your life,

James Nussbaumer

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