Living an Authentic Life Today by Finding your Authentic Self for Overflowing Abundance

The most bold thing an individual can do is to always be living an authentic life where you experience true success.

What do I mean by an authentic life and finding your authentic self?

It is a life lived from your heart, speaking your truth, standing in your reality, residing in your innocence.

The issue with getting to this point of genuine freedom is that for the majority of us we have no idea of who we really are.

To be familiar with who you truly are you must go deep within.

You must want to look at all of your limiting beliefs; beliefs that tell you that you are lacking, you are not worthwhile, you are not capable.

Likewise, a scarcity mindset hounding you about being inadequate, simply among others.

Keep in mind as you take in this article for what it is worth to you this spiritual principle from A Course in Miracles:

  • “Be not content with littleness. But be sure you understand what littleness is, and why you could never be content with it.”

We take restricting beliefs on our whole lives. From early childhood we learn from our brothers or sisters, grandparents and parents.

Their viewpoints begin to form and define us.

As we grow, our peers and teachers affect us most. Society also plays a significant role in telling us who we are.

It’s up to us to know the fact of our authenticity.

Recently I glanced over the Zodiac signs in the newspaper. As usual, I opted for seeing what it said about my sign.

That’s the little kid inside of me wanting the lucky word on stuff.

It said: ‘You will get what you want as long as it is not extravagant.’ I chewed on that for a minute, agreeing with it.

Then the taste of those words grew sour to me. I realized this was a restricting belief. “Whoa!” I stated to myself. “Is this the reality for me?”

I knew quickly that I had held myself back my whole life. Especially considering that since my teenage years, from living with true prosperity and abundance.

What I didn’t understand until searching the Zodiac column was that I started to restrict myself over the years. I mean with what I permitted myself to have.

I had a restricting belief that if I lived with overflowing abundance and prosperity then no one would like me.

Now I understand to truly be living an authentic life with authentic freedom that I need to permit myself to deal with overflowing abundance.

I am from within prosperous and abundant.

Something happened as I’d permit myself to get this from deep to my core and release all limiting beliefs.

It was that people would like me, my living an authentic life was overflowing to the world around me.

We are all deserving of living fully with overflowing abundance.

I ask that you look at your restricting beliefs if you do not think this for yourself.

This is simply one restricting belief, and, let me inform you, we all have so many of them to deal with.

Limiting beliefs are like a prison cell guarded tight with no opening in sight. It comes from getting to know who you really are, launching all limiting beliefs.

And as you surrender your limiting beliefs and stand in your reality, your example shines a light for the whole world to see.

You need to be ready to look at all of your restricting beliefs; beliefs that tell you that you are not of value. Those thoughts of lack telling you that you are not capable, and you are not enough.

And as I allow myself to get this from the universe and release all limiting beliefs my world is changing.

It means living an authentic life comes from getting to understand who you truly are. Yes, releasing all restricting beliefs.

And as you surrender your scarcity mindset and stand in your reality, your example shines a light for the entire world to see.

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Next, let’s dig deeper and begin finding your authentic self. 

Living an Authentic Life by Seeing your True Reality

You have a responsibility not to allow anyone to interfere with the innocence and joy you feel by pulling you into self-limiting beliefs. 

Rather than be defensive be vigilant that there can be no attraction of guilt in your innocence. How could there be? It’s impossible.

There is no illusion, no falsity or fantasy in your innocence. Clearly think of how good you feel and how secure you are when you are solid in Truth.

I’m speaking about, however, being vigilant of the guilt of your separated mind keeping you from perceiving the real world.

Or the mind you think your body controls, when you pursue life against your true free will.

This would be denying Truth which is to deny your natural true reality.

A Course in Miracles further states: “When you perceive the real world, you will recognize that you did not believe it. 

Would you sell out your real destination – your real Home, for promises of distractions, being unsettled and filled with stress? 

Doesn’t living an authentic life feel as though it is all of you?

Your destiny and your purpose are your true reality and is where the littleness of limiting beliefs does not exist.

You only dream of the unreal, which is the separated mind making further projections. Yes, unreal thoughts afraid of love trying to turn into real ideas, but getting nowhere.

You are eternally blissful behind all of this. So why not reflect this bliss and truth and love while you dream by living an authentic life?

Any littleness whatsoever puts your life’s purpose, your true free will, at a variance on that same level.

In other words, the more littleness you buy into the more the variance.

But keep in mind, your true free will is of God and He certainly has no variances. Nor is He little or self-limiting.

Take a moment before moving on to ask yourself what your true free will entails.

Do you see guilt or fear involved?

Your true free will always will allow you to see yourself innocent and free of guilt as God’s whole Child. Yes, and being whole means you are of Him.

Being of Him does not indicate being outside of Him. So don’t allow littleness to lead you into temptation.

Life extends to you so you may continue its extension. There is no space for littleness as I have discovered now, and is how my books have helped readers.

It started somehow from within my authentic self through an ability to research and write from my caring heart.

I read in the Afterword section of another author’s best sellers about how she was lost for words and a story to tell.

I found, that if it wasn’t for the town of Worthington, Ohio and their public library, particular facts would have been missed.

The facts of a fire that burnt a building to the ground in the early 1900’s as the story line to this book.

In other words, she did not settle for less so that she could give this book the magnitude it deserved. Thereby for the magnitude of the mind of her readers.

The real you is of a meaningful magnitude that is timeless. Littleness has no power to measure you up and down.

Stay with your purpose, and your innocence will lead the way while keeping you safely on your journey.

Be certain to see your journey as the place where you will receive gifts along the way that will assist you with your life of purpose.

Your journey is your extension.

Pete Seeger was asked of music, not “Is it good?” But “What is it good for?” His statement made me think of my own extension.

He made me remember that by maintaining this kind of confidence and certainty I’ll never know the frail. As well, the weak, or the littleness of the world as an ingredient within myself.

You, too, won’t have to because you won’t want it.

Nothing around you which you see in this world is part of you.

But go ahead and notice it by looking on it lovingly, seeing that the illusion does not reflect who you are.

It’s not the mirror you choose to look into because you don’t want that.

Your choice is keeping your sight on the light that you are, your reality, you life’s purpose. This, is your Home, or Heaven.

With this kind of an outlook you will begin to notice what it is you need to start living an authentic life.

Then, these needs will in turn begin showing up at the appropriate times as you are finding your authentic self.

You will have avoided illusion, the troubles and setbacks you do not need. For now keep asking yourself, what really is illusion in this sense?

You will begin noticing that it is the erroneous perception of yourself. An errant illusive thought, nothing at all sinful.

Just purely whole and innocent.

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To the Real You,

James Nussbaumer

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