Living in Fear in the Midst of Life is Healed Fast by Truly Finding Identity

It’s surely possible to see what you do not believe when you are living in fear in the midst of life. 

Learn to be quiet in the midst of turmoil and begin the process of finding identity, for quietness is the end of strife, and is the journey to a great life

Only when you have fear of life in this world will you judge others as being against you.  There is nothing but all love in the Creation, which is yours, too.

By sharing in your brother’s/sister’s dream of separation you live in fear and doubt with much judgement.

Your projected images become your assumptions that are thoughts of his/her dream. Likewise this is what usually is going on with relationship struggles.

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So by letting go of these thoughts you are free to let the fear go, too. Mostly I mean, here, the fears you’ve always had of this world.

What happens when we “Forgive” our notions of living in fear during the the dream of life in this world?

Your projections of your sickness, doubts, fears, anxiousness, anger, and more take on a new meaning.

You no longer share in the world’s fears. But you do share in God, whether or not others who have betrayed you actually realize it or not.

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You exist only because God shared His Will with you, so that His creations continue to create.

But in the sharing of fears we see the evil, hate anxiousness, drama, death, suffering, and pain and loss, that seem to make them real.

Without sharing these wrong-minded thoughts how else could they ever have meaning?

If you do not give them support, such as being involved in them the fears will not exist. How else could fear be realized?

How did you ever learn to be fearful?

There can only be fear or love, illusion or reality, doubt or certainty; the ego or the Holy Spirit as a thought system.

Where one appears the other stands unrecognized, and whichever one you choose to share becomes all that you have.

If we can “overlook” the dream we have each made in our own separate way, by seeing “beyond” it, we are forgiving the dream, and means we can let it go.

Then we will have acknowledged that the Sonship, which is everyone you see minus the ego are not of the dream itself.

Now you’ve come to know the Son (Child) of God, and have done so by the Christ within you.

This how you end living in fear.

The Christ Mind in you is the mind of the Son of God, or, the Sonship. I’m saying, Sonship as in “relationship” to wholeness, which speaks for itself.

The Courses in Miracles teaches us that with this, you have forgiven the dreamer whose errant thought sees himself as separate from the Mind of God.

Likewise, seeks to make his/her own will. A false idea of who he/she is.

Your forgiveness releases the dreamer from being the dream in your mind.

You have been seeing this dreamer through your own projections and not through his, because it’s impossible.

Remember, dreams can only project, whereas reality extends itself without fear.

Being that you are living by your own projections, you are sharing this unnatural dream divided into separate wholes.

That’s why it is a dream of separation. But you think that it is your dream where others really live.

With this shared fear you don’t want to know your true Identity, because you think It is fearful.

This is why you deny yourself and seem to make yourself into something you’re not. Now you have made a war against your real Self.

You begin seeing reality as your enemy. This is why you bring your brother/sister into the war, by placing your dream on him/her.

Here is your choice if you want to end this silly war:

You are either your Self, or an illusion, the dreamer or the dream, truth or falsehood. There is no middle of the road. Which are you?

Out of our own fears we have conceived of a little gap of space. Yes, a thin illusory screen, between fantasy and truth, fairy tale and reality, to be the place where we think safety rests.

It is this made-up screen that portrays the images we project, in order that we feel safe and hidden from the Reality that created us.

Just take a look around you at almost everybody living in fear.

This world on the screen that makes the gap seem real is sick, separated, afraid, and lonely.

Listen to the people you talk with. It is a world in fear, a group of figures afraid of their own shadow.

This is the world our body’s eyes perceive. But what our eye tells the brain truly has no real vision.

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To moving on in life without fear,

James Nussbaumer

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