Manifest Dreams Easily: whether Older or Younger by Reflecting your Way to a Wonderful Life

Mirror and reflect your Way to Mega Happiness and Success and Manifest Dreams Easily; yes, absolutely!

Before I tell you a quick manifesting story from my childhood days let me share a few facts on true optimistic outlook; and creating the life you want:

  • Optimists’ manifesting healthier actions lead to more positive health outcomes. Psychology Today, July, 2016
  • Choose to be optimistic, it feels better.” – the Dalai Lama
  • The great effects of a positive approach are now proven by science. Forbes, November, 2018
  • You are a powerful creator and you can create your dreams by mapping out a vision for your life… Huffington Post, April, 2016
  • About being faithful to your chosen journey: Do not abandon yourselves to despair. We are the Easter people and hallelujah is our song. Pope John Paul II

Why someone, perhaps, ever started writing nursery rhymes for children? Hmmm!

You ever heard the rhyme, “Mirror, mirror on the wall?”

You know, “Who’s the loveliest of them all”!

My grandmother used to sing that to my when I was a little boy.

She would sing that and tickle me, and I would laugh like only children can.

When she was done, she would always scoop me up in her arms and tell me how it was that God sent me to Earth.

Yes, to do passionate things, and how I was a wonderful creation in her life.

Thinking about it makes me tear up a little to this day.

She didn’t have much money. But she was so full of love that I consider myself lucky despite living in a low income family for those years of my life.

Although she had many Grandchildren, we kinda lived for each other; her teaching me to manifest dreams easily.

I’m certain she gave the many other grandchildren similar lessons.

Of course, though, she surely didn’t upfront think about the term ‘manifesting’ in those days.

However, her loving nature from within gave me those lessons in a certain way.

She lived to teach me some things about ‘being all that I can be.’

Sure, and at some level I knew I had to live through tough times. That’s because, even as a child I knew that I didn’t want to disappoint her.

I guess in our house, and her home two doors up the street, we all kind of saved each other.

OK, sorry for the sobby story.

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Some very rich and successfully happy people got me thinking about that old rhyme. And it got me thinking about my grandmother.

Anyway, the manifesting video below is awesome.

If you are committed to yourself with clarity about getting what you want in life this will help you.

Yes, to have the power and focus to manifest your dreams so much faster.

So I strongly suggest you begin learning more about the power within you to create the life you want.

Remember the Course in Miracles states:

• Salvation comes from my one Self. Its thoughts are mine to use.”

As a result, reading profiles of successful people living a life of passion is a sure way to waking up your success mechanism.

Then mirror your way to the success you truly want, rather than what others prescribe for you.

Final Words on a Life of Passion:

Yes you can manifest dreams easily no matter what age to give you what you bring into focus, whether you are speaking of it or observing it.

Remember, as others have uncovered as well that you are powerful for manifesting the life you want.

Yes, a creator and you can create your dreams by mapping out a vision for your life.

Because, you can reflect, or, ‘mirror’ your inner wealth and abundance to your material world!

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