Is Karma and Cause and Effect for Real?

We discussed is Karma for real and how does it affect your pursuit for a better life.

It was discussed why you must: “Feel the feeling as though the prayer has already been answered”.

Sure, and in that feeling we are speaking to the Forces of Creation, allowing the world to respond to us. 

But what is Karma, really, do you know for certain?

For those who missed out on last evenings Master-Mind Challenge, as promised, here are those referring articles.

When you think ‘where I can find truth to change my life,’ learn more about cause and effect: 

And then;

Is Karma for real? How it may help you succeed in life! 

Here, too:

But what is also so crucially important is how to align with the Universal Law of Cause and Effect to better your life.

Remember, it’s up to you for how to know what matters in life and how to remain happy.

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