What’s Karma Other Than How to have a Happy Life

Many people, especially in the west, often ask: What’s Karma? Karma is the universal flow of thought leading you to take action. In today’s world, we can say it is a sorting out of the negative false thoughts, from the more truthful, optimistic outlook on your life while in this world.  

In might be money attraction, or in better communication and likability skills with others, perhaps healing love relationship struggles, or career advancement, or anything else from weight-loss to say, just plain old helping yourself to live a better life.

What’s Karma? It’s the mind, body, spirit mix of poor and bad thoughts working to send you in a particular direction. So, then, do you create karma?

In a previous set of articles (that will link to one another, if you’d like) leading to today’s message on what’s karma in or lives, I spoke of Nakita, the woman from Croatia, writing to me while I was in prison.

She’d been convincing me to join in on a worldwide mindfulness meditation from my Ohio prison cell on December 22, 2010, at 9:30PM.

Create karma?

But I was still having problems believing if this was some kind of scam set-up.

I guess I just didn’t know what to believe or think about all this. I was certainly filled with doubts!

By 7:30 PM, two hours before the session, many of my doubts were fading away, and the ones that remained I could sense were soon to follow. 

I was resting flat on my back on my top bunk, wearing headphones and listening to a classic jazz radio station. This helped to drown out the obnoxious volume of constant bellowing, bickering, and just plain vulgar insanity in the housing unit. 

With 272 inmates, double-bunked and squeezed together within thirty inches of each other—this would be my haven where I would join in with the worldwide mindfulness meditation session. 

There was no other place to physically move myself.

As I lay there on my rack, paging through a recent letter from my good friend Ron Skeen, which helped me to relax, I overheard a quiet conversation in the bunk area directly behind me.  I was sure I heard the word “Croatia” mentioned, at least twice. 

Stunned, I removed my headphones to listen more attentively.

Sure enough, a few inmates had gathered in general conversation—“kicking it,” this is called.  An inmate was telling another a story about his brother, who once spent some time during the 1990s in the country of Croatia while a war was going on. 

He talked about the crystal clear water of the Adriatic Sea.  He said that you could drop a coin in shoulder-deep water, and as it lay on the bottom you could read the print on the coin.

I am sure you will agree that Croatia is not a topic that we in this country often discuss in casual conversation.  In fact, I’d had to use an atlas in the prison library to find its location when I first heard from Nakita. 

The country seems to wrap itself around Bosnia, just below Hungary and next to neighboring Serbia, across from Italy on the Adriatic Sea.

Regardless of the small talk in the discussion I overheard, my immediate thoughts were on the coincidence of this little-discussed nation coming up in a conversation here in prison. 

With less than two hours before the meditation was to begin, suddenly I was lit up. 

Was this really a coincidence? I asked myself. 

Is this answering my longtime question about, what’s karma? Or was this a signal of some sort, alerting me that I should trust in the validity of this whole affair? 

John Lennon once wrote a song about the kind of confusion I had experienced earlier in the day.  Was his “Instant Karma” idea now telling me something I urgently needed to know? 

That we get what we put out, or what we mirror—could this be it?

I had no choice, as I saw it, but to quickly start thinking that this was intended to help me make a decision on not only the validity, but the value, of this worldwide mindfulness meditation meeting of minds. 

I was being guided to simply let go of any and all other negative thoughts. 

Even with that decision made, it was still difficult for me to not continue wondering about the number and identities of other individuals involved.  Who were they?  My guess was, I was not supposed to know. 

One thing I do know, however, beyond any belief I could ever have about what’s karma, is that the Holy Spirit is the part of our minds that arbitrates between ego beliefs and our true essence, or spirit. 

Yes, that in itself, is, what’s karma!

It’s how to have a happy life.

A Course in Miracles states that, “Always in favor of spirit, the Holy Spirit bridges the gap so that wrong-minded thinking will shift over to right-mindedness,” which leads to our creativity. 

A Course in Miracles as well, helps us realize that, “The Holy Spirit uses time in His task,” so the process can occur in moments or can take much longer, depending on our individual willingness and readiness.

Are you now seeing, what’s karma?

The ego mind believes this shift to knowledge to be a threat, as though something is being taken away.  The ego is tough or stubborn in hanging onto old and ancient beliefs handed down over time. 

This is why the ego mind has a hard time trying to understand the now.

To our true spirit, however, the real essence of who we are, this shift is not seen as fearful or threatening.  The shift is a necessary series of events, as long as we are here in the dream of time and form, and it does not need to be seen as threatening. 

It is, what’s karma!

With this Truth, our spirit will transcend into its own fullness and cannot conceive of excluding any part of its being from it. It’s living your true calling!

What’s karma for you, in an abundant fashion, means, the unlimited possibilities that make you an unlimited individual.

To creating karma that helps you along your journey,

James Nussbaumer

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