The Power of Your Thoughts brought Forth for How to Live a Great Life

If you haven’t been successful at operating by the power of your thoughts you can learn how quickly.

They say highly effective people who have ever lived create the life they truly want very easily.

But that’s not always the case.

Just go and try it… look straight in the face head on at your ego identity obscuring the light of your inner divine Self.

Yes, and see what happens to you experiencing peace of mind for a better life. 

Likewise, just as well, feeling great about taking action on your goals and dreams will not be enough.

Chances are, you won’t succeed fast and will only increase slightly.

So does this mean you should learn how to tap into your creative power given to you in the Creation?

Yes, of course, you do need to subliminally use each day the power of your thoughts.

If you’re finding this subliminal thing a bit difficult, you just need to change your approach on your thinking habits.

Before you dive in to pushing yourself forward, be sure to clearly get a vision of what you want to create. 

Then you’ll find your attitude is king, and your life will increase with happiness through commitment.  



How are you using the power of your thoughts? With right-minded power of your thoughts you can really start from nothing. 

The initial step for how to attract wealth is to start seeing wealth opportunities all around you.

I mean, rather than mostly attacking or crucifying yourself over what you only think you are lacking and do not have.

The more conscious you are about manifesting abundance and why and how money exchanges hands, and how it streams, the more confident and knowledgeable you will become in the secret of wealth attraction.

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It does not take a particular education; it does not take large quantities of your own assets to align with the laws of prosperity to begin truly blessing you with manifesting wealth, well-being and abundance.

Challenge yourself to learn this presence and the power of your thoughts.

Likewise, then start to use your open-mind of real wealth to those universal laws.

The power of the universe is multidimensional and is how it governs everything.

Your own personal thoughts and perceptions determine how cause and effect will work for you in each instant of each day.

The Course in Miracles further states:

  • “Without a cause there can be no effects …”.

This indicates we can’t expect cause and effect to be our friend when we are filled with wrong-minded thoughts.

As well, those perceptions that are only building a scarcity mindset as a way for living in this world.

Remember, yes, you may begin to learn how to attract wealth and abundance as you learn the secret of wealth attraction.

It’s how the power of your thoughts connect with your own present reality.

Follow this strategy and you’ll see it doesn’t take a lot of years of formal education; it does not take your own time to get the power of attraction to begin showering blessings of abundance and wealth into your daily life.

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To creating the life you truly want,

James Nussbaumer

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