Effective People Know How to Receive the Quiet Answer for Success in Life

At last evenings Master-Mind Challenge webinar we deeply discussed effective people understanding the quiet answer for authentic success

So for those of you who missed it I’ll give you a brief recap here today on letting go of the ego identity obscuring the light of your inner divine Self.

It’s how we receive instructions from the power of the unconscious mind that ego personality merely doesn’t understand.

We said… Striving for success in life has been around for a long time… but it seems far too many do not find happiness and peace, there.

If you want to end your heart and spirit crying out to be among the effective people in the world who do get it, let’s start honoring that quiet answer.

It is the power of the mind within you that wants you to experience peace, happiness and success.

The quiet answer that truly effective people realize about the attitude, “Everybody Wins.”

It’s why it only seems to be a bit unorthodox to live with pure happiness and everything that comes with it.



First of all are you devoted to the idea of happiness and success levels that count for the success habits of successful people?

You establish self-awareness of mind power secrets with a continuing greater sense of awareness.

How do I understand when the unconscious mind is interacting?

We have automatic reactions coming from the unconscious mind, which instinctively triggers involuntary motion. Likewise, thoughts and actions.

Reflex response causes us unwittingly to react to these signals. But because of the ego identity we hang on to, the responses are different for every human body. 

Does that make sense?

Here’s a related video below I hope you will give a “good old college try” that might sink in for you.

How do I manage these automatic actions like many effective people have learned?

You do not essentially control these actions, unless the signals are sending negative messages.

Due to the fact that we are affected by directions and impacts, to discover these mind power secrets we need to learn to acknowledge why we feel specific ways or do certain things.

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I also urge you to learn mindfulness training if you have not already. I like to use this few minute mindfulness practice, among others on my book shelves.

It’s all about how to be a reflective person for a better life by bringing forth your real inward power. 

The Power of the Unconscious Mind Effective People are Aligned to

Should we stay awake at all times to uncover mind power secrets?

No, not at all, actually part of realizing these mind power secrets is by understanding why your body, or, ego identity, needs its rest.

It means that we should establish this greater plane of conscious and awareness. Yes, in order to stay tuned into the signals.

Inside this mind is our real Identity that never fears, doubts or passes judgement.

One of the best methods to acquaint you with mind power secrets is to use self-talk to let go of such ego antics.

The ego personality actually obscures the light and covers of your real Self.

It can’t totally block your true light. But it has many obstructions and can be understood as a veil put up in front of light.

The Course in Miracles teaches us to:

  • ” Ask what they are of the Teacher of Reality, and hearing His answer, you too will laugh at your fears and replace them with peace.”

Be aware that the ego personality gives us a bodily image, which most people misinterpret and begin cultivating self-images.

Follow this strategy and you’ll see that the viewpoints we have of the self, factor into our behaviors, actions, thoughts and feelings.

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To the power within you,

James Nussbaumer

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