Moving on by Letting Go by the Power of Attraction to Remove Limiting Beliefs

Why understanding the power of attraction is so helpful when you want to begin moving on by letting go of what holds you back in life.

In the first half of this article I want to discuss that whatever you do or the career or business you are running, you might want to consider the universe’s attraction principles.

You may have heard this power of the universe termed, the Law of Attraction, or Power of Manifestation.

Likewise similar words and phrases are used to define this power within you, not somewhere “out there”.

In the last half, here today, we need to address how this power of the universe “within” you can help deal with depression, doubt and fear.

As well, all the anxiety and stress, and the like, lowering your self esteem and confidence.

That law helps to begin moving on by letting go.

This inner power of mind you possess helps you to bring forth what you want while in this world.

The power operates by removing self-limiting beliefs where all that are left are the beliefs from the truth within you.

The real universe within you is real and is not an illusion.

So thereby when you let go of the fantasy built on fears we open that space for our true reality.

It’s really not rocket science.

Yes, the life you want to live by whatever you think about (purposefully or sometimes automatically).

Your dominant thoughts will discover a method to manifest. If you study how to use it in a great fashion you’ll never need anything in life; and the masters of this law state that.

The late Wayne Dyer said, “You are what you think about all day long.” And so many others who have helped us along to grasp the power within.

Keep in mind as you learn from this article what the Course in Miracles states so profoundly:

  • “Perception’s laws are opposite to truth, and what is true of knowledge is not true of anything that is apart from it.”

With that stated, I’d like to discuss that if you want to start utilizing the Universe, you should act from the truth in your heart.

I mean to remove limiting beliefs which will bring forth personal development skills.

Yes, all the power waiting within you.

I suggest that you can’t just look at the Law of Manifestation as just a good story. The kind that is difficult to use in your life because of this and that. 

If so, this inner power hardly will work for you.

I can certainly tell you that you will not get anything of it so simply don’t waste your time. And just continue to keep your inner Light covered with a closed mind.

If you can remove limiting beliefs and suspend your disbelief, you are on your way to the life you want.

I would like to speak about clear examples from our history:

Henry Ford, Einstein, Walt Disney, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and so many more, including Jesus, used the most powerful form of energy understood in the universe.

All those famous individuals find that the idea has frequencies and reflect from within magnetic energy that attracts.

You become and bring in what you perceive  all the time.

Likewise, that the thought with the strongest energy can apply to your life and become truth (can end up being things!).

Many people believe about what they don’t desire to in their life (ok … I also did and it’s simpler)… But by default they attract more of the very same.

You can take moving on by letting go and looking in your life from different points. I mean to become mindful of how you are automatically utilizing your thoughts.

I like to use the word “utilizing;” because your thoughts whether of truth of falsity are “tools” for how to create the life you want.

If you’re utilizing truthful thoughts then great! But if thoughts of falsity and fantasy, then beware.

Just as well, you have actually utilized the Power of Attraction without even realizing so.

I personally was extremely shocked at the beginning while remembering every moment of my life.

I’m saying, I found how strong can be the power of Attraction (of course this law was depending how truthful was my intent.)

I understand that with the Law of Attraction can raise some tough questions.

Ones that the ego in us all as humans do not appear to have great answers for.

Or things that had actually taken place in our life and we never wanted. But they did so by our thoughts. 

I would say, nevertheless, that these problems aren’t caused by the Law of Attraction itself. However rather by the Law of Attraction as used to unbiased truth.

Believe about this however you want, and withdraw your thoughts from what you do not want.

All the best with your life and psychological experience just observe how all is connected with the Law of Attraction.

Before you attempt to begin moving on by letting go of what you do not want in life consider the truth in you.

Yes, discuss with yourself how The Law of Attraction works, who has used it. As well, why logically you could use it too.

You can take the idea of moving on by letting go from various points.

It’s to end up being aware of how you are automatically using and have actually utilized the Law of Attraction already.

I personally was really surprised at the start. Certainly while keeping in mind every minute of my life I discovered how strong can the power of the mind truly is.

Sure, in a world of fear and doubt we can all have negative limiting beliefs about our so-called inner power.

I understand that with the idea of manifesting your desires, can raise some tough concerns about personal development skills.

But the idea of moving on by letting go begins with surrendering those ego-based traits.

Those thoughts of skepticism and doubt and so many more.

(I also suggest another related article on: looking deeply at the power of manifestation beginning by learning to visualize your goals.) 

Next let’s look more closely at how the power of the universe within you can free you.

I mean being free from depression to fear and low self-confidence, and rather on a path to success in life.

The Law of Moving on by Letting Go when Dealing with Setbacks

The knowledge about the real Universe has actually become the focus point of numerous conversations.

Many individuals feel a favorable impact in their life. It’s due to the fact of the power of Attraction and how one can make it operate in the right direction.

This universal law within your truest essence will alway take care of you, but you must be aligned to it.

Learning about this cosmic law has helped many to make deliberate choices. Especially  when it concerns their overall health and well-being.

A person that is struggling with anxiety or depression often feels that there is no hope of improving.

The quality of life is often at a perpetuity low, and this is when moving on by letting go is a decision to be made.

If this has been your experience you might want to check out and discover what you can do.

Going to a medical professional might be of some help. But according to some data nearly half of the people who are on medication for depression did not require it.

They really did not need the medication to get well.

When you use the power of the Universe you can take the first steps to feel much better yourself.

You are not dependent on any external assistance or distractions like fear and doubt. It’s due to the fact that you can use this real inner power of mind anytime you want to.

Here are a few easy steps that can help you along the path when using the power of the cosmic laws:

  • Meditations are essential.

Mindfulness practice will help you to unwind and link to source energy that frees you from limitations.

When you are doing your meditation sessions attempt to turn off any sound if possible.

I suggest using a quick and easy Mindfulness Technique which I just love, and go here to see more.

There are instructions readily available of how to do your meditation and how to get the most out of it.

  • The Power of Manifestation reacts to your thoughts as energy in this world. 

Whatever kind of vibration and feeling you have the Laws of the Universe will reflect more of that to your material world.

You now can deliberately create a happier life with the Power of Reflection, and why I suggest this free video below:

  • Do your affirmations to configure your subconscious mind.

You can state personal development skills affirmations daily. Choose an affirmation for example like:

  • “I am feeling excellent and I am happy. I enjoy my life”.

But you must be speaking from the truth in your heart. I mean, for example, if you truly are not feeling excellent, the say so, like this:

  • “I am not at this time feeling like I know I should. Something’s bothering me so please help me moving on by letting go. “

You can choose any affirmation that will assist in the process of getting well. Just be sure you are truthful about asking for help about, moving on by letting go.

Affirmations are tools to work on your subconscious mind to attain any objective that you have.

The Course in Miracles teaches in so many ways why we should “not be afraid to look within for answers.”

These are just a couple of tips to get you started to feel much better and to improve your well-being.

The Power of the Universe however will assist you to make the essential actions.

Understanding how the attraction principles and laws work, and will assist you in this endeavor.

When you use the power of your inner Being, you can take the first actions to feel much better yourself.

You are not dependent on any external help since you can utilize the power anytime you want to.

It is you from within who produces what you want.

The law of moving on by letting go nevertheless will help you to make the first important actions.

Knowing how Reflection and Attraction works will help you always while in this world.

(Here’s another related article about: why when we learn to reflect from within to our material world, and take action, then we meet our dreams excitedly, and also expected.) 

To your personal development skills,

James Nussbaumer

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