The World You Want is Yours in an Instant by ‘Being’ the Change You Wish to See

When you go within to create the world you want an internal wave begins to take you where you need to be.

Yes, the actual personal transformation, change, or manifesting the life you want is where miracles happen.

Likewise, every bit of this “live the life you want” dialogue is excellent advice. Sure, for riding the wave which has a cause for you.

So, if we penetrate a little more deeper within, to the inner core of who we are, we understand the effects occurring. 

It’s that ‘Something’ informing us to chart our path and even at the branches in the road we will be told what to do next.

I see that this is what Henry David Thoreau was trying to get across in his many writings.

Yes, ‘Tell me where to go, who to talk to, and what to say,” as he offered us that wisdom in his famous book, Walden.

Also so many truth seekers of the past, now living, and yet to arrive in this world, all want us to more clearly elevate human awareness.

I’m mean a rise in real consciousness. 

While you absorb this article for its help for you, keep in mind this spiritual metaphysical principle from the Course in Miracles:

  • “There is no fear in perfect love. We will but be making perfect to you what is already perfect in you. You do not fear the unknown but the known.”

Are you prepared to create the world you want?

A new world will begin to take shape right alongside a shift in your mind, only because now you have the freedom to be true with yourself.

This was my only freedom that didn’t take long for me to discover when the steel doors of prison slammed behind me.

You will be giving yourself a new cause, and one that will automatically have effects. I mean those natural effects that reflect and enhance your true free will.

After all, this world truly is “your oyster”, and your salvation; meaning you know from within you already are saved.

What does it mean to be saved?

I think you will agree it means that when you no longer need worry, fear, and doubt over creating the life you want.

All of what I’ve been discussing in my book series is the Holy Spirit’s interpretation of the author’s statement in the Bible that quotes Jesus as saying: “Ask and it will be given to you.”

And also, “Search and you will find. Knock and the door will be opened for you.” 

In other words, the Holy Spirit is guiding us here to: “Throw out the ego’s interpretation of the world and open the door to see your true reality.”

By opening the door you let go of the ego-based mind’s ideas based on fear and doubt and the like.

(Here’s another related article on: to recognize that you must always listen to your heart being how you will live the life you want.) 

It is how you create miracles in your life, because it’s the world you want.

We all have our own process within us for undoing the ego engineered interferences to our awareness of love that seems to be always present.

Try to see true “cause and effect” as one and not two.

The task force of the miracle worker, “you”, cannot be “cause” and then “effect”, the two separate occurrences the ego sees.

It’s up to you along with the Holy Spirit, within you, not somewhere “out there” as your True Helper to undo what never existed.

You must get it out of your unreal mind plagued with fear.

The miracle removes the unreal from your mind, leaving it with the Truth your mind consists of.

The miracle is your own programming of the projections of the dream of life in this world. As well, as an extension of the Truth you are.

You actually reflect this as an outward expression.

It’s why I urge that you learn how to do mindfulness meditation, and I use this 7 Minute Mindfulness practice here.

Yes, it is how to manifest love.

The dream of fear, doubt, judgement, and of separation from your Source, plays out as you slowly re-awaken.

But once you do fully awaken from the dream of time, space, and form, miracles will no longer be needed.

Look at it this way: This world was really over long ago; millions of years ago, equivalent to an instant in the reality behind the dream where time has no meaning.

The thoughts that made the dream of this world are no longer in the separated mind that thought them up.

But try to see that the thought that set the dream in motion is over, as the dream of life continues, all in that same instant.

No different than your dreams at night, or a daydream of a runaway thought. You make the thought and then project its images.

The Course in Miracles further teaches us that: “Miracles are merely the translation of denial into truth.” 

This is the answer to how to be the change you wish to see.

The projection of life on Earth is the outward expression. I’m saying, of what went on in that separated thought from its Source.

You are stuck there with humanity as a whole. But the whole has since fragmented and split apart from true reality.

One of its original fragmenting or splitting thoughts was the rib to form Eve. A splitting of one to form another and the process continues.

But you are able to pardon your own individual act and implement change.

This can be seen as a “new take”, if you will, and is where you be the change you wish to see.

From behind the dream you are the director, actor, and producer of your life here on Earth. Yes, rather than, the dreaming separated identity of nothingness.

The miracle shows us that the past is nonexistent.

Thereby, being so, cannot have real effects.

You think you remember a cause from the past, but it only gives you illusions that you make images of now.

They are not real.

What someone else said or did to you years ago, yesterday, or a moment ago, has no effect now. That is, of course, unless you allow it to.

By allowing these unreal effects to sink in, you will live a life of uncertainty. Then, always be in conflict in some fashion.

This my friend will only do for you what it once sadly did for me. That is, which is keeping you searching for a replacement to nothing by nothing.

The only way to live in the real is to let go of the unreal.

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To the miracle in your life,

James Nussbaumer

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