How to Solve Problems in Life by a Healthy Mind without a Life of Fear

If you are like many people globally trying to learn how to solve problems in life, with a healthy mind, let’s help you live like you want.

It seems, I believe, and you may, too, think that we humans simply want a fear of living life to merely leave us alone.

Well, however the fear of living life to the fullest is the wrong-minded vibes that will certainly remain infested.

I’m saying that, until you figure out with a healthy mind (the Right-Mind), how to overcome difficulties.

Just as well, a manner to keep the fear and doubt of the ego from slipping in the side door on you. 

Okay, here it is. 

How to solve problems in life by seeing why guilt has reversed real Cause and Effect.

The separation in thought that we are split-off or separated from our Creator, in its entirety is an effect. BUT, only appears to us as a cause.

The miracle is the step which puts cause back in its proper function, never being an effect.

Somewhere in the process our guilt reversed the meaning of true cause and effect as-one, and not separate.

This confusion is what makes the dream of separation filled with fear, doubt, and worrying over how to solve problems in life continue.

Yes, the life of fear from wrong-mindedness, and is why we live in fear and afraid to awaken.

Let’s face it, are we not often afraid of the truth?

Due to a seeming effect without a cause, generation after generation has been projecting its own truths to cover its guilt.

It’s a constant perception of effects with a man-made cause constructed around fear of living life.

In this state of mind we can’t hear our Divinity–the Holy Spirit’s Guidance. That’s because we have it blocked by this heavy cloud cover called illusion.

Remember this principle from A Course in Miracle stating: “Don’t be afraid to go within.”

Any Guidance from our Teacher that we might sense, seems to be backward or opposite from what we’ve been taught.

Various religions teach us that the goal is to seek to emulate the so-called perfection of past spiritual and Biblical masters.

But deep down within ourselves we know that these individuals were not quite as perfect as the writing of Scripture made them out to be.

Our separated thought system for how to solve problems in life always seems to exaggerate.

Can we even wonder what purpose does this fear of living life serve?

It surely helps the ego-based, tiny, separated mind, to fragment further. This, which is a key to its survival in a life of fear.

However, in our “true to heart” way of naturally being, it’s not perfection we really seek.

But more so it is peace, understanding, and the restful embrace of who we are to the core.

It’s our own realness, the Truth, a healthy mind, which is what we really want. Wouldn’t you agree?

Just like every lesson the Holy Spirit asks that we learn the miracle is clear. It shows us what He wants us to learn, and teaches us its true effects are what we truly want.

Don’t we want true results instead of always needing to overcome difficulties? Isn’t this truly where inner peace exists?

Remember, the Holy Spirit is who you are, especially when you need to learn how to solve problems in life.

He, or She, if you’d prefer, is our real unseparated oneness that has entered the dream to guide our right-mind.

The effects we made, or, unreal results, are then undone, and this allows us to see the purpose in those who we thought were our enemies.

This is how our own forgiveness of ourselves works and is how we let go of the fear of living life. It’s of God.

I am certain that the lessons of humankind are not so complex. We make things difficult. If these lessons were truly ‘out of reach’ no one could be here on this planet learning them.

What I mean here is that as your eternal self, you would not project yourself into the physical realm if the lessons offered were impossible to understand.

Nor would you bring you back to reality a life of fear.

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Deep down we all sense a force or a strength keeping us rooted. Certainly, and, this is a frame of thought from the right-mind where the Holy Spirit abides.

What you thought your enemies did to you can now be seen as causeless. That is because they did not make that thought, but you did.

It’s your projection, and this keeps you from how to solve problems in life.

By understanding this, now you must accept the fact that you also made their hate or dislikes toward you. Yes, from your own wrong-minded thoughts and perceptions.

This total wrong-mindedness has no real effects because it is illusive and why you have a fear of living life.

But remember, you are dreaming of life in this world, as I detailed quite extensively in my first book of the series, The Master of Everything.

What I mean is, only bodies can seem to act wrong-mindedly toward you based on how you perceive them.

So, that said, try to see that it takes you own wrong-minded perceptions to pick-up on believing in an enemy in the first place.

I mean, which gives you the desired projection your ego wishes to have. You see, this is necessary for your ego and the world ego, so that it can think it has gained.

By your understanding this much about your ego and the collective ego of the world, you have been awakened to that same degree.

You are moving forward to the unseparated real world.

You will begin more and more seeing the world as neutral in your vision.

The bodies, or, figures in the dream that still seem to move about as a separate thing you will no longer fear.

This is the miracle returning the cause of fear back to you, the one who made it.

But it also shows that having no effects it is not really cause, because the function of causation is to have real effects, and not illusion.

Likewise, the unreal effects have been undone, so there is no real cause for a life of fear.

This is how the body is healed by miracles because they show that the separated mind made sickness. Just as well, and in this projection it employs the body to be the victim.

This is the effect, a result of what we made which makes us have a fear of living life.

What’s the Real Lesson?

In order for you to advance in your miracle-mindedness, you must come to realize the miracle is useless, if you learn that only the body can be healed.

This would only be half the lesson. In fact, it’s hardly the lesson at all which it was intended to teach.

The real lesson here is that the split-mind was sick which could ever think the body could be sick in the first place.

But as long as you protect its guilt there will be no true cause that you can see, therefore, no effects. Keep in mind there are miracles ongoing each instant of each day, and are not magic.

The miracle silently stands next to every dreaming mind’s pain and suffering, along with sin and guilt. You do have the choice to involve yourself in the alternative to the dream.

It’s how to solve problems in life without fear.

As we already discussed, it is your acceptance to play the role of the dreamer, rather than what you’ve been doing. Yes, I mean, which is denying your active role in designing the dream.

Miracles then become the glad effects of taking back the consequences of sickness to its cause.

What naturally happens next is the body is released from its bondage. That, which is the sickness, because the mind acknowledges that this is “not what I am”, therefore, “I am certainly letting go.”

Now what happens is the mind is free to make another choice instead.

Therefore, beginning right now, understand that “power of choice” in any given situation is your salvation.

Go ahead and proceed to change the course of every step you take in each moment for how to solve problems in life.

Of course, by deciding from your heart naturally, and you will begin undoing the separation.

You don’t realize how strong your faith is till it’s brought up to the front lines, so to speak.

You just don’t realize how truthful of an individual you really are.

Or how you’re going to respond to any given situation or circumstance in your life, until you are faced head on with it.

What I have experienced and continue to deal with has placed my faith through the wringer, and I’ve been finding it is strong enough to keep taking one step at a time.

For those of you who know my story, this, I’ve learned, is how one can prevail. One step at a time is truly all I care to be.

Try it.

I have literally rebuilt my life from a prison environment. Sure I was aware at that time those steel bars and chains were soon to be a thing of the past.

I have developed a new life, and this has happened one step at a time, into one plateau at a time, with many miracles occurring.

This is where I move on from here without a fear of living life, and I feel I’ve handled it quite well.

The Holy Spirit has re-traced all of my steps taken to this point, and He uses what He can and throws out the rest.

Everything about my dreaming world is being undone by Him, and at a pace He knows is right for me. The pace is called Godspeed.

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To a healthy mind for the life you want,

James Nussbaumer

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