The Creative Mind with Much Better Thinking Habits to Improve your Life

Are you up against the blocks to the creative mind holding you back in life from achieving your life dream?

Each of us no matter what part of the world you live has the power to be innovative. It’s part of our natural cosmetics as a spiritual being residing in human form.

The problem is that, too often, we obstruct our natural imagination and so make errors in thinking. Likewise, offer ourselves more issues than we should.

In this article I’ll go deeply into ways to have better thinking habits to improve your life. Then in the next section I’ll discuss why unhelpful thinking habits may put you in the poorhouse.

In the final section we will address a checklist for improving confidence, healing the thinking that has you feeling tired and lazy, to improve your life.

As you absorb this article for what it has to offer you, keep in mind this spiritual metaphysical principle from the Course in Miracles:

  • Appearances deceive, but can be changed. Reality is changeless. It does not deceive at all, and if you fail to see beyond appearances you are deceived.”

So let’s get started with a handful of ways to operate by the creative mind: 

  • Don’t Make Projections and Assumptions

Presumptions or projections are examples of lazy thinking with a foundation of fear and the doubt that is the life air for the ego in us all.

We just do not wait to get all the information we require to come to the best conclusions.

There is the story of the consumer at the bank who after making a withdrawal returns and says: “Excuse me, I think you made a mistake.”

The cashier responds, “I’m sorry however there’s absolutely nothing I can do. You need to have counted it. As soon as you leave we are no longer responsible.”

Whereupon the client responds: “Well, fine. Thanks for the additional $35.”

Idea: When you feel yourself wishing to draw conclusions, simply wait until you have all the details.

  • See Things from Other Points of View

A genuinely open mind wants to accept that, not just do other individuals have other just as valid points of view from theirs, but that these other perspectives might be more legitimate.

A story has been going around for ages, that the modernist master artist Pablo Picasso was as soon as taking a trip on a train throughout Spain.

He got into conversation with an abundant business owner who was dismissive of contemporary art.

As evidence that contemporary art didn’t properly represent reality, he got a photo of his other half from his wallet and stated:

“This is how my partner needs to look, not in some ridiculous stylized representation.”

Picasso took the picture, studied it for a few minutes and asked: “This is your wife?”

The businessman happily nodded.

“She’s very small,” observed Picasso wryly.

Suggestion: Don’t have a monopoly on how things are. Things aren’t always what they appear.

Some individuals tend to have a tendency to swing from a highly favorable mood one minute to an extremely negative one the next. That’s all due to the fact that of what they see in front of them.

Pointer: Remember that things are rarely as good – or as bad – as you think they are.

  • Eliminate Lazy Thinking Habits to Open the Creative Mind

Habit can be a significant stumbling block to clear thinking and the creative mind.

Attempt this experiment I came across the other day.

“Make a note of the Scottish surnames Macdonald, Macpherson, and Macdougall and ask somebody to pronounce them. Now follow these with the word Machinery and see what occurs.”

The majority of people are likely to mis-pronounce it. Because we tend to believe in habitual methods and do not like what doesn’t fit, this is.

Tip: Don’t think that, just because things took place in a specific method as soon as in the past, that they will occur like that once again.

  • Don’t Think Like a Tired Old Person, Think Like an Ambitious Child

Research reveals that the variety of synapses, or connections, in the brain is higher in a little one of age 3 or 4 than in an average adult.

The reason for this is that, while a child of three has no limiting world view, as adults we do.

It’s like a widler who begins with a block of fine wood, more than he requires.  He gradually widles away some as he structures his magnificent showpiece.

If we use our brain like a child, accepting whatever without judgment, we can actually stop and reverse the brain aging procedure.

Pointer: Don’t fret about the misconception of age.

Pointer: Try to keep the big image in front of you while taking a look at details. It will surely assist placing everything in its correct location and context.

  • Think from Within You to Realize the Creative Mind 

Taking time out to believe is still frowned on in lots of companies that prize activity over creativity.

People who work in creativity-constrained companies are most likely to think the manner  they are supposed to think. Or as others think, or as has constantly been the method to believe.

It’s like with Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, where she threw the pail of water at the wicked witch.

At first, everyone expected the witch’s guards to be angry at Dorothy. But they were actually happy that the witch had faded away to nothing.

Pointer: Don’t let others tell you how to think. Tell it to them straight when others ask your viewpoint.

Once you make these helpful thinking habits part of your everyday life the creative mind will lead the way.

You will amaze yourself with how simple it is to come up with fresh, creative and innovative options to all of life’s problems.

The difficulty is that, too frequently, we obstruct the creative mind thus our natural creativity. Thereby, we make mistakes in thinking and provide ourselves more issues than we should.

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Next, let’s talk about why unhelpful thinking merely will not make you a successful, confident and abundant individual.

The Creative Mind needs you to Pull Your Own Strings

Has anybody been “pulling your strings” lately? You remember the phrase!

And you’ve definitely become aware of his book, Pulling Your Own Strings, by the late Wayne W. Dyer.

It’s sold many copies over the years and is a perennial favorite that’s highly suggested to  being successful. As well it’s hardly made the kind of effect on the world a book of this nature is capable of making.

It sort of makes you wonder, do we believe in ourselves, or do we not?

That’s a question worth considering!

Someplace back in the 1600’s, French theorist Rene Descartes made his popular observation: Cogito, ergo amount– “” I believe, for that reason I am.””.

Now, think about it!

Does that mean that if we do not think, we aren’t? At its depth, the declaration holds an extensive fact of its own.

On its surface, a lot of us only think we are!

In this sense, the majority of individuals really aren’t using better thinking habits.

It looks real due to the fact that almost everyone takes part, however at its core, it’s no more than a conditioned impression.

Conditioned “thought” is not believing! But if we ” think” in this manner, that is, responded to conditioning, we will most definitely be allowing others to pull our strings!

The majority of what we do really isn’t based upon idea, but on conditioning and emotions!

Naturally, feelings do have a life of their own. It can quickly be said, ” I feel, for that reason I am” or ” I have heartache, for that reason I am.”

And you may acknowledge the latter as a area where many discover an incorrect sense of life!

Feelings aside, the majority of people are doomed due to the fact of their conditioned “thinking”. Yes, the manner their minds have been trained and the way they put them to work or, rather, to not work.

If you think smoking three packs of cigarettes a day at the expensive rate these days is ‘cool’ or ‘groovy’, then the world is pulling your strings!

If you think this nation is a ‘democracy,’ ” you’re having your strings pulled for you”.

(Clue: It’s a republic, but you are being heavily lied to and conditioned against even understanding this. Not to mention realizing simply what that difference is and what that distinction suggests. Tip: Ask yourself why?).

So, again, if you believe the government is out to assist you, “someone pulling your strings”!

The list is endless, and I think you get my drift about unhealthy thinking habits!

There are people who are poor because they “think” they must be because they were born poor.

Or things like, the Internet is a fraud, their relatives, good friends, or neighbors who have never done anything with their lives understand much better than someone who has.

Or, that ‘you get what you pay for’, ‘there are greener pastures somewhere else. And this one that gets many,  ‘do not rock the boat.’

Here in the creative mind is where you pull your own strings and improve your life rather than feeling tired and lazy.

If you realize that ‘here’ is your mind and after that you use your mind, you can make solid choices for happiness and success.

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Next, I want to touch on a checklist to improve confidence and to improve your life.

A Review List for Improving Your Life with the Creative Mind

Think about why other individuals believe and act as they do. If you believe life is pretty lousy, well sure enough, it’ll be pretty lousy.

  • Discover the Real You Inwardly 

If you do not know who you are and why you think and act in the fashion you do, it’s gonna be really tough to make any positive changes in your life.

Have a look first at your close family members; aunts, uncles, grandparents, and your own loving siblings and parents.

Think of how they look and how they handle life.

This is the basis for who you are today. You’ve been instilled with the propensity to believe as they believe and act as they act. It’s simply the “how” of life is in this world.

Now think about the big events in your life up until now. The ones that stand out in your mind. The ones that made an impression–negative or positive–on you.

These occasions have most likely influenced how you believe and act today.

Oh sure, we can include every little thing that you’ve ever seen, heard, felt, touched or smelled. I mean due to the fact that “everything” has actually had some impact on you – on how you deal and think with life.

However it’s the “biggies” that usually have the most impact.

If you want to, you can jot or journal some of this down. Make a list of things you like or don’t like. Things you enjoy doing. Things that make you sad or happy.

But you don’t need to if you’d rather not. Just thinking about this is a significant step in the best instructions. Just be familiar with you. It’s important.

  • Appreciate the the Creative Mind in Others

Consider why other positive individuals act and believe as they do. They’ll all act at least somewhat in a different way–and believe in a different way–than you.

And that’s great, because you can appreciate the positive outlook they have!

Well because–the more you learn about why other folks think and act as they do, the more you’ll discover about yourself.

  • Practice Thinking Differently from the Crowd

Absolutely nothing can change if you continue to think the very same way as you do right now. Whatever we do is based on how we think,–about ourselves, about others and about life.

If you think life is typically OK, sure enough, it’ll be usually OK. You are “one” if you think you’re a “loser.”

We think our way to our fate. What’s your fate?

  • Have a Solid Foundation built on Rock

Roads, buildings, bridges, cars and trucks, life–all need a company structure to last and withstand the deteriorating aspects of nature.

If you haven’t already, you might think about looking into using a spiritually-based rock structure for your foundation.

If you’ll continue to work to include strength to your under-footing as you go through life, you’ll have all the assistance you’ll ever need.

  • Develop a Life where you Continue to Grow

Bring about whatever references you think you require to start–and continue–your building process.

There are a lot of organizations, schools and the Internet readily available to help you on your way. Discover the experts and listen to their stories and recommendations.

Identify a mentor, coach or a friend who can offer you lots of support and encouragement.

And make certain to DO SOMETHING! ACT! All the details and understanding is worthless unless you put it to work for you.

Choose what you would like your destiny to be. Just go for it!

If you don’t know who you are and why you believe and act the way you do, it’s gonna be really tough to make any positive modifications in your life.

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To your best life ever,

James Nussbaumer

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