How to Get Peace in Life with Real Happiness and Authentic Success

Ever felt like you were hiding behind something thinking that was how to get peace in life?

Kinda like being ‘incognito’, if you know what I mean.

Years ago with youth and ambition on my side I’d always been seeking for real satisfaction and bliss and true feelings of accomplishment. 

I mean when hearing all the stuff about real happiness.

You know, I mean authentic success and truly living the dream. 

It seemed to me that education would be the response to all my issues. Therefore, I set about acquiring the paper certificates I thought I needed in my search for success.

I collected a great number of them including financial planner, and various investment adviser certificates, etc… and so many more…

But I found that my education, even though it assisted greatly, did not bring genuine complete satisfaction.

I couldn’t seem to find authentic success.

So I stuffed the certificates, appointments, and diplomas in an old photo scrapbook and buried all that in a closet.

Then I began gaining clients of small to medium size businesses of all types and that leading to estate planning clients.

I often visited the boardrooms of the decision makers and their attorney’s .

And though a part of me was amazed, thrilled and even enjoyed the features of power, there was something that was missing.

My heart and spirit were crying out for something that I couldn’t discover in significant corporations.

In this quite detailed article I will discuss firstly how to get peace in life that is everlasting.

Then I’ll dive into some things you may do to uncover real happiness and authentic success.

In the final section I’ll touch on why the attitude of, “Everyone wins” is an important mindset for true success in life.

Still searching for the Golden Chalice of how to get peace in life with success I ended up being a quite busy entrepreneur.

Likewise, with a terrible amount of stress constructed a so-called successful agency that went on for 25 years.

Life appeared good. I traveled extensively, wined and dined with leaders of bond and stock markets and leaders of business.

I was treated well and my clients trusted me and looked up to me. But still all of it felt empty and useless.

Wherever I sought for peace and success and happiness, I ‘d find prosperity without the peace. Or I ‘d find abundance without the happiness.

One day, as I sat at my desk an hour after leaving the courthouse from a painful divorce something struck me.

In the months ahead my life hit a brick wall and I took a terrible fall that led to a prison sentence of 10 years.

I describe in my first book of the series, The Master of Everything, this foolish securities where I became my own “wrecking ball”, so to speak. 

So while I’ll was away and where my writing career began it ended up being clear to me that my success, joy and peace were not dependent on anything external.

But on that which was within me. Likewise, that which had constantly been with me from my very first day on Earth.

So I began to look within me and found how to get peace in life with authentic success and happiness.

I understood that the one spiritual practice more vital than all the others that could bring me prosperity. As well, peace and happiness was the practice of going into the “quiet area of my mind” deep within me.

Some call it meditation or prayer, others describe it as contemplation or focusing oneself. I do not know what it must be called, however I consider it as “the quiet place within”.

In the excellent silence within, I become restored, revitalized and thrilled to face the physical world.

Possibly in the depths of my being, there is a location of gorgeous silence. It’s where I meet my Creator and where I find renewal of body, spirit and mind.

The Course in Miracles states:

  • “In quietness are all things answered, and is every problem quietly resolved.” 

So whenever issues appear to get the very best of me, whenever I feel them closing in on me, I go to that quiet place. Yes, a peaceful place that lies somewhere deep within me.

I do not reason, examine or think. Those will come later. I just go. From this place of silence, I gather strength and inspiration.

It’s where I stand firm in the face of fire, to be calm in the middle of thunder. When I emerge, the world has actually not altered, however I have transformed.

In transformation an entire brand-new world is born teaching me and how to get peace in life.

When I initially began my writing from a volatile and often violent prison environment I discover that is as true today as ever.

Authentic success, whichever method we define it, whether by cash standards, health or happiness requirements, is not a game of chance.

It derives from deep within us, from our inmost ideas and beliefs. It has to do with our hopes and self-confidence and it flows forever from our spiritual center of gravity.

Enter into the quiet place within you.

Try to do so a number of times every day. Let your real self talk to you.

If you’re wanting to learn how to do mindfulness meditation, I suggest this few minute practice which I use.

Listen to the “still, small voice”, which is constantly there. You will find calm, peace and success unidentified in normal times.

You’ll discover how to get peace in life with a new and wondrous course opening ahead of you. Likewise, you’ll be delighted in the remarkable adventures that await around the corner.

In the excellent quiet place within, I become renewed, refreshed and delighted to face the physical world.

You, too, may find calmness of mind and prosperity unknown in normal times, and how to get peace in life that is everlasting.

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Next, let’s look at some things you can do to achieve authentic success while you discover how to get peace in life. 

Simple Things to do for Real Happiness and Authentic Success 

Generating real happiness and authentic success is simple when you transfer your mindset to cause and effect, as-one, instead of stressfully pushing to drive home results.

Let me draw a simple example from a Zen writing to clarify my point:

“Envision standing before a huge waterfall. You’re thirsty and the water is fresh, tidy, and pure. You can take as much as you like.

How much can you take home with you? All of it depends on the size of your container.
You can take a thimble, a little cup, a gallon pail, a barrel, or even a tank truck.

Similarly, the amount of prosperity within you is like this water fountain of abundance.”

I like that, and let’s see that there are Trillions of dollars circulating around the world. The fountain is plentiful.

Some people can hold billions, others millions, others hundreds of thousands, others tens of thousands. Others thousands, others hundreds, and yet others just a pocketful.

These things are actually just the impacts.

Result is what you see in the noticeable world. They are the results of a wealth structure strategy that worked.

What, however, are the causes? How are people able to experience wealth creation in the first place?

Cause is the ‘ how to get peace in life,’ and what happens in the invisible world prior to the result becomes apparent in the world of the senses.

The reason for money is thought, and the amount of money in your life is based upon only one thing: the size of your thinking.

This is the most basic wealth understanding that will change your fate.

You go to the water fountain of abundance with a little container if you’re a small thinker. It may be a tin can to hold adequate modification to keep you alive.

It may be a pail that gives you enough to survive in some comfort … however not enough to be happy.

If, on the other hand, you’re a huge thinker, you go to the water fountain of abundance driving your tank truck and you live truly well.

You know how to get peace in life with all the necessities of life easily looked after for your generation. Likewise possibly a couple of generations after you.

You’re even in a place to share wealth. You’re a master at some wealth structure system.
Then, of course, there are the truly big thinkers.

They do not just have a tank truck–they have an entire fleet of tank trucks lining up before the fountain of abundance. They can, if they select, buy small islands.

Your thinking decides the size of the container you use to make money. How do you expand your perceptions and thoughts to be larger?

The very first thing you do is utilize your creativity and uncover abundance rather than search for success.

If you simply practice how to believe in larger and larger amounts, you’ll find a better size to hold the abundance that you want to have in your life.

The next thing you’ll want to broaden is the size of your heart.

The more you can offer of worth and the larger the amount of people that you can serve, the more money that you’ll make.

This is why the more authentic your attitude remains in a company, the more individuals you serve. As well, consequently, the greater your salary.

However, of course, an even better way to earn money is to work for yourself. When you work for yourself, then your river of people is practically endless.

The higher the benefit that you provide others, the more people you will discover to accept that deal.

Finally, when your creativity and your heart have actually been extended enough, you’ll start to uncover further.

I mean methods to obtain knowledge of your field and before you know it you’ll be a highly-paid specialist.

The amount of prosperity on the planet resembles this water fountain. Trillions of dollars are spent around the planet.

Creating wealth is an ability that many individuals and countries have learned.

It is my genuine hope that I have actually provided you some important ideas to mull over.

When you consider just how much better your life will be when you are in charge, you might wish to look even deeper.

Yes, into how you can broaden your imagination and your kindness. Just as well, your understanding of your industry or occupation.

Remember, the quantity of prosperity and wealth in the world is like this water fountain of abundance.

(Here’s another related article looking at: why a lot of human beings invest their whole life in pursuit of wealth and happiness, but really just want to be happy.) 

Next, I want to discuss why it is so crucial that you have the mindset of, “Everybody wins.”

Why You Should think ‘Everybody Must Win!’

In his book Real Magic, the late Wayne W. Dyer, taught us, “For us to win, someone else (or lots of someone else’s) also must win without any type of conflict.”

If there is a winner, and someone else had to lose, the world would still be a place of conflict.

The Course in Miracles further states from my previous quote in section one of this article, about the quiet answer:

  • “In conflict there can be no answer and no resolution, for its purpose is to make no resolution possible, and to ensure no answer will be plain.”

Is it any marvel that we look at life as a zero-sum game, that every win comes at somebody’s cost?

Perhaps that’s so when it comes to getting a given job. However prosperity teaches us that isn’t the whole story.

There is abundance, there is “winning,” to walk around for everyone.

The universe doesn’t choose a few of us for success, prefer a few of us over others. Nor does the power of the universe doom a few of us to mediocrity and discontentment.

We need to understand, intellectually, that God loves us all similarly, right?

Yes, our Divinity shows us how to get peace in life and have it always by listening within for the quiet answer.

Why is it so simple to believe that we will never have enough, or be enough?

And our experience has actually taught us not to rely on other individuals to fill our every need.

Wayne Dyer didn’t ask us to rely on humans to deliver our abundance. He tells us to rely on God, to trust the Divine Mind, to supply for us always.

I know you might be thinking that we find it hard to trust abundance, since we haven’t made it happen ourselves. It’s simple to think that someone else can drive a vehicle if we know how to drive a car.

What I mean is, but we don’t know how to create pure abundance in our lives. So that lack we only think we have, makes it tough to think that it can occur.

We must release the philosophy that we can only succeed by removing from someone else. Or, that our success or how to get peace in life, suggests another person’s deprivation.

The very first brings us avarice; the second, guilt. And home on avarice or guilt will not bring success-it will bring more avarice or more regret!

Only when we uncover abundance already within us will we bring it to truth in our own lives.

It makes perfect loving sense that the universe does not pick some of us for success. All the while giving some preference over others.

Or, some to being in the dumps all their lives with a scarcity mindset. No, not at all.

Our all loving Creator created us as an extension of Him, and He certainly does not lack. 

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To uncovering success and happiness,

James Nussbaumer

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