Help Me Figure Out My Life Quietly Answered: Simply Open Your Mind

There was a time I was up against finding myself, and pondering over the notion, help me figure out my life.

I assumed that there was intended to be just one bigger than life thing that I was destined for.

When you’re haunting yourself over I need help with my life or figuring out what you want, try to understand something.

That is, you are probably making it more difficult than it ever should be. You most likely are placing too much stress on searching for that one point.

It’s a misconception and misjudgement that sets us back in life. But you can uncover meaning in life little at a time when you open your mind to a few things.

As you absorb this article keep in mind this spiritual metaphysical principle from the Course in Miracles:

  • “Escape from judgement simply lies in this; all things have but one purpose, which you share with all the world. And nothing in the world can be opposed to it, for it belongs to everything, as it belongs to you.”

It’s all about opening your mind to the real world when you fret over help me figure out my life.

In order for you to see that your reality is in your willingness to see it, you must understand you have no neutral thoughts.

The thought system you choose determines whether or not you live a life of your true free will. That means a life of purpose filled with passion.

Therefore I like to suggest this video below on figuring out what you want by uncovering it.

Yes, this would be opening your mind to your purpose in life and with sure fire passion.

If a few areas seem to be a review of what we’ve discussed in my book series, but in another light, simply consider this a refresher.

But do so without dissecting or analyzing because that opens the door for your ego to add fear and doubt to your thinking.

Make this article become a reminder much as you would notice a traffic sign on the highway. Take the sign post “under consideration” with different circumstances in your life, the same as road conditions change on your travels.

Let’s begin this with a question for you to honestly contemplate when your concerned over, help me figure out my life.

Have you ever thought about the constant attack you are under? I mean that can be responsible for keeping you from knowing who you truly are?

We live in a world where pain, illness, loss, age, and death are always in our faces, threatening us. I am not blaming the world, nor am I asking you to make excuses.

We do, however, need to stop and accept the fact that we are causing our own suffering, both individually and as a whole.

It seems all our hopes and wishes and plans appear to be at the mercy of something. Yes, something made by this world, which we cannot control.

But once we can see the world as a place of freedom, only then we will be able to understand something crucial.

It’s that peace, rather than conflict or war, is what we all truly want.

No one wants to battle, but out of the fear of something to be lost, some feel they have no choice.

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But we do have a choice, and it mens open your mind to begin finding yourself.

The ego-based mind is insanity; an untrue and unreal oneness that is the symbol of separation. It exists only as a dream which we thought up.

The ego wishes you to think that its illusory thought system can make itself holy and spiritual. But to be holy is not made.

It is to live in truth, and truth is something the ego overlooks, or thinks it can modify. The ego has designed an untrue thought system that it likes to adjust along the way.

It strives at achieving multiple wholenesses. It does not understand what is whole cannot be made into separate pieces and still be considered whole.

We have no neutral thoughts, and to ever think we can process a neutral mode for thinking is impossible.

That’s because, because all thought has power in some form and at some level. Even your thoughts about, ‘I need help with my life.’

Of course, you choose to assign an open-minded power of wholeness and truth. Or you choose a closed minded power of the ego mind based on projections of fear and doubt.

The Creation is about extension of love and truth which is total wholeness, and this where we have inner peace in life.

On the other hand, a thought system based on fear and doubt thinks we are separate from this truth and wholeness. This separation belief has seeking to find things that just can’t be found.

These thoughts will either make a false world for you or lead you to the real world.

Regardless, your thoughts cannot be without effects.

Just as the world you see around you each day arises from your separated thinking errors, so will the real world appear before your true vision as you allow for these errors to be corrected.

It is extremely important that you understand by “correction”, I do not mean “punishment”.

But what I do mean is that your errors in thought be undone, or reversed, or just let go of.

In this light of understanding, you have chosen the Holy Spirit’s thought system. It is, which is real, whole and has no knowledge of error or separation.

The Light of Spirit is alway lit and never goes out. But the ego mind will cover it with its wrong-minded projections.

But the Holy Spirit does understand that as long as the ego makes its images, you have a right and wrong-minded way of perceiving the world.

This is why the Holy Spirit communicates through your right-mind which is open to the truth of who you are.

Yes, so that you may see the real and true that has no variations or confusion over notions like, help me figure out my life.

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To uncovering a passionate life,

James Nussbaumer

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