What Shall I Do with my Life Help and Dealing with Uncertainty Today

The notion of, ‘ what shall I do with my life, ‘ can suddenly get super exciting if you tap into your passions.

When you accept and clearly understand that there are manifestation principles of the universe, we may say, life gets exciting.

We are all like magnets, and we can learn how to attract those things that we want in life.

Yes, and means uplifting experiences.

Let’s begin answering to what I want in life by beginning a process for creating the life you want.

I mean, inside your consciousness on a consistent basis and reflecting it to the material world

How to help figure out what shall I do with my life can be more deeply explored in a few  related articles.

(This other article here touches on: how to go within yourself to create a great life on the journey to living at full potential.) 

Today, in this brief article, my objective is to help you ignite that spark in you that knows what you are capable of.

Sometimes a more brief article like this today, I’ve found, can give readers some time to contemplate things.

I’m saying like, what to do in life and all those buzzing questions your self dialogue comes up with. 

Now, let me share how I answer to being happy in life: 

If I write a blog article on any topic about how I feel about self-growth and personal transformation, what do you think happens?

It typically gets me so passionate about what I do in life, and without any doubt, I’m finding myself happy.

I publish content on the web in addition to my book series, and in my bliss of the process, I no longer am figuring out crazy things, and within a week I get happy people messaging me.

Then again, at this point in time I have a few thousand articles circulating. Yes, on things like, having an open mind for the life you want to create.

But if you are lost and don’t have a passion and purpose for life what do you think would happen?

Chances are your lifestyle won’t be too exciting and it won’t lead you to brighter days or as bright as you want.

But there has to be a way to change this, right?

Especially without building more heartache because we all know that’s time-consuming and hard on our psyche.

To find the most ideal solution, I decided to run a little experiment.

With your help, we took 332 random readers of my content who answered a question and answer form I sent out.

It was to figure out how we can get new passion going on in their lives.

And guess what, we figured out what most people with hope, but may feel a little lost, have in common. 

(Here’s what works, and I urge you take a peek at this other related article on learning to visualize your goals.)

Not to mention, let’s not fear or fret over dealing with uncertainty in life.

To your best life imaginable,

James Nussbaumer

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And for a better life.

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