Need to Solve Problems in Life being Lost and Confused? Go to the Movies!

Too often when we need to solve problems in life we allow stress and anxiety to get the best of us.

When depressed about hope for a better future in our hearts that only grows from too much over analyzing and thinking. 

We need to learn more about the power of reflection instead of worrying too much when no direction in life.

It’s of the habits of successful people who have ever lived and their way to success.

I can remember many, many sleepless nights need to solve problems in life.

Oh, my, dissecting thoughts and ideas that were at war against my real inner Self.

I was killing myself over, “What to leave in and what to leave out.” Just as the classic old Bob Seger song Against the Wind says.

Do you want to keep hope for a better future alive in your heart and transform your life?

Keep reading this article and see my short video to learn how to use the lessons from the movies.



I mean to make personal transformation actually happen if you likewise enjoy going to the theater or to the movies.

You know, when you’re up against no direction in life, and lend hope for a better future.

The show can be a meaningful and abundant experience you need to solve problems in life.

It can help manifest the personal transformation you long for, while also relaxing and enjoying yourself.

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A good movie needs to have the power to influence on hope for a better future. Yes, through the characters it brings to life.

The Course in Miracles states:

  • ” The children of light can not abide in darkness, for darkness is not in them.”

If you enjoy the theater, you can use it as your inspirational force by responding to these questions:

  • How did this movie motivate you to pursue overcoming the feeling of no direction in life?
  • Exactly what did the characters teach you about success and exactly what action will you take to follow their examples?
  • Exactly what did the characters teach you about mistakes and exactly what negative wrong-minded actions will you overcome to achieve your purpose in life?
  • Does this motion picture stir powerful emotions and help you answer to what is my purpose in life?

In enjoying a film or the theater, it’s safe to feel emotions.

I mean we typically conceal in reality, from unhappiness and pain to joy and bliss. Life has lots of feelings.

It’s not a story about real life, however, a lifeless illustration in motion can stir effective emotions in you.

The ones that are perfect to help when you need to solve problems in life.

Sure make the most out of a good film’s capability to stir powerful emotions on hope. Of course, for a better future, by responding to these concerns:

  • What powerful feelings did this film bring or stir to the surface in you?
  • How have you been managing those feelings in reality (such as preventing, suppressing? Or letting out of control) and what outcomes are you getting?
  • Can you make any improvements in the way you are managing those sensations?

Follow this strategy and you’ll find that the theater shows you ways to deal with the unknown. Likewise, get beyond feeling of lost and confused in life?

Final Note on Letting Go of a Confused Life:

If you need to solve problems in life and want to keep hope for a better future alive in your heart and transform your life, let’s go to the movies.

Good entertainment is always helpful!

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To your best life ever,

James Nussbaumer

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