Not Reaching Success Quick Enough? It Might Mean Stop Feeling Guilty

If you feel like you’re not reaching success quick enough, then consider this message.

Or let’s say, you’re not getting the type of success you picture, and might be due to guilt and anxiety.

Yes, I mean, dealing with guilt and shame because of what the world demands of you is one thing.

Just as well, if you can stop feeling guilty about your own dreams in this world then success in life will be yours.

Commonly, like many, you might be closing the door and not offering people what you believe in.

Let’s face it, we’re all afraid of ridicule from what others might say about the success path we choose.

We stay clear of sharing our enthusiasms. Likewise, our real passion as well as invest our power to securing our “dreams and goals.”

What I mean is, instead of moving on in life while at the same time letting go of guilt and anxiety; and just doing it.

While you’re reviewing this article I hope you’ll keep in mind this spiritual metaphysical principle from the Course in Miracles:

  • “Do you want freedom of the mind or of the body? For both you cannot have. Which do value? Which is you goal?”

If you’re not reaching success quick enough then change your mind to see why you’re always plugged in.

How to motivate yourself and what inspires you is importanr. I mean, people are finding success in all areas of your life. 

In this brief article let’s dive in quickly as to why you might want to stop feeling guilty.

This article is brief about being always connectected to your dreams. That’s because it must be so you may feel comfortable with its depth.

Yes, so you may absorb the message for how it pertains to your situation.


Let’s move on.            

Here’s what we must energize ourselves with when we feel we’re not reaching success quick enough:

The ego can only make unreal thoughts, while the real you of unseparated thought has a “plugged in” creative power.

Yes, to move yourself forward and out of the fog this experience has been based on ego fear and doubt.

The Holy Spirit of God is your real mind, and His is busy alerting you to the power of your reality.

You are slowly awakening at a motion in cadence along with me and all of humankind as a whole.

Try this if you're not reaching success quick enough

It is awesome to awaken to success!

We could compare this cosmic instant of ego-based thought to that of nodding off at the wheel for that nano-second while driving along the interstate.

Your mind doesn’t realize it. But it’s going to wake up in the nano-second where time never was.

This is because Christ is your real mind inspired by the Holy Spirit. Just as well, is constantly reminding you of the truth in everything.

Within this nano-second is our lives in the dream of being on Earth.

This is true, and please look deeper, where you will find your shallow part in a thinking tantrum.

But your depths are secure in knowledge.

So let’s move on where being analytical is not necessary over not reaching success quick enough.

Did you ever notice deep down that you do know the truth about certain things, but try to deny them?

This is your divine Memory.

However, this memory can be seemingly delayed by unwise choices while the dream of life in this world continues.

These changes are what you recall as your past and have given it a word called memory. Unreal thoughts have no knowledge of a memory.

These unreal thoughts continue too fragment of a past that gives us consequence upon consequence.

Likewise, building a projected present built on guilt and anxiety that never arrives.

But while we’re still looking to the future we think will save us, an unreal world is made. We call this progress but still cannot stop feeling guilty.

With this denial of Truth, we work at remembering and the guilt stays with us like a permanent backpack.

It’s like a method for survival.

But a distant light now and then hits us by raising the question: “Why am I feeling guilty?”

This is the meaning within that creates miracles and opens your mind to the world you want to live in.

It gets you over the life challenge of not reaching success quick enough.

The Course In Miracles gives us food for thought on this which includes these words:

  • “Miracles bear witness to truth. They are convincing because they arise from conviction. Without conviction they deteriorate into magic, which is mindless and therefore destructive; or rather, the uncreative use of mind.”

Now you may move forward in life when your inner dialogue is giving you guilt and anxiety.

Start NOW to live the life you imagined without worries of not reaching success quick enough.

Remember a struggling mind is like a storm in your mind that swirls around with guilt and anxiety.

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