I Keep Making the Same Mistakes Corrected by the Healing Power Within

I want to address there is something deeper when we scold ourselves over, “Oh no, I keep making the same mistakes over again”.

Let’s consider that there is a covert factor that is blocking or at best obscuring the light of emotional healing.

I’m saying, and I’m sure you will agree, that emotional situations do keep us repeating the same types of mistakes.

Now, some of you who have messaged me lately that are not accustomed to my deep articles in a metaphysical tone, have asked me to get more into shallow water.

On the other hand, those of you who are reading my books, joining my webinars, and all else, are telling me; “Sometimes you’re not deep enough, Jim.”

Thereby, I hope this article on to heal within for correcting mistakes, benefits everyone.

Yes, regardless of how deep you like to go when considering the healing power within you. 

Numerous people every day need true emotional healing simply because they do keep making the same mistakes.

It’s no marvel that we develop protection devices to secure us from going totally nuts. What I mean is, as we attempt to deal with tension in this insane globe we live in.

For many others, rather accepting mistakes and healing from that, impulses based on fear and doubt take over.

I am saying that we see them as people who like to fail. But how do you know if they might be contemplating change?

Like perhaps the idea of: “What if I begin to live my life differently?”

So, let’s move on. I will be going a little deep, but nothing to bring forth any discomfort.   

Let’s look at the lingering question of: “What if this does not end where I keep making the same mistakes over again?”

Otherwise, you may be thinking: “It’s time for me to start correcting mistakes and moving on in life with happiness and feeling good about life.”

The separation, the dream of life based on fear and doubt was over long ago where time is concerned. Yet we still linger in its effects.

An ever confused and anxious amount of questions keep the dream of ‘what’s real or not’ alive, as more, “what ifs,” fragment their way onto the scene.

I’m saying the questioning of, “right” versus “wrong,” turns into additional “what ifs”.

This type of fragmentation makes us hang on to a memory that is guilty. And is where emotional healing is needed.

How many times have we thought to ourselves, “If only I’d have done this differently”.

Then we haunt ourselves with false optimism, such as: “What if I can learn something here from that?”

We hang on to a memory that makes us feel guilty, rather than thoughts which heal within.

This memory is just as selective as the way we perceive everything, especially involving people. Just as well, situations, events in our lives, and, of course, our own Divinity.

It’s as though we believe the past has a mystical power that may save us from something. 

Or, on the other hand a magical formula destined to throw lightning bolts at us.

Consider that your memory is something you decide to work on, and why I suggest mindfulness meditation.

I mean find a mindfulness practice you feel comfortable with and do so regularly. I like this few minute meditation practice which I just love to do each morning.

Like, a fine tuning, just as we do with our perceptions in order to complete “that” of which we wish were so, this taking the place of our true Self.

That, which God extended to us in the Creation.

But like everything else we make, we seem to use our memory to serve another purpose. Likewise, make it to be the means for something else, instead of for healing within.

But we can look at all this differently over challenges in life.  Of course, especially if you are lost and confused in life.

(Here’s another related article touching on: when we’re in the dark and not sure what to do with life because of a confused heart, I have found healing readily available.) 

Oh, yes, especially when we hound ourselves over, I keep making the same mistakes.

It can be used to heal within rather than harm us, if we so choose. There is nothing outside the Holy Spirit helping us to heal.

As the Course in Miracles teaches, the Holy Spirit is our Divine Teacher within us for how to heal within.

He is our selective memory that does not interfere with the truth. This memory we didn’t make, it was lovingly given to use and has been obscured by thick fog.

It’s like as thick as vanilla ice-cream.

The Course in Miracles states:

  • “Thus does the Holy Spirit replace fear with love and translate error into truth. And this you will learn of Him how to replace your dream of separation with the fact of unity.”

Here is where I’ll need your total alertness, as I go a bit deeper.

I’m not speaking of the Holy Spirit using past events and the memory of that, themselves. He uses your present state of mind when these events occurred.

You must understand that we have ingrained in our brains a belief that memory is of the past.

But it’s really a skill we made to make past “present” moments to our own liking or disliking.

Besides that, we have the world we made imposing limitations on our remembering. Also, are as vast as all those you have allowed the world to impose on your perceptions, as well.

It’s a lock, so to speak, on how you remember. We could say, the world likes to help us remember.

The past does not own your memory, and by accepting that is how you correct your mistakes.

It is something you always do in the now.

However, we do make it our desire to make it our purpose to always be striving for the future, instead of arriving.

We seem not to arrive at our goals, dreams, and objectives because of our inward guilt of believing we are separate from our Creator.

But our true Light gets rid of guilt, thus correcting your mistakes.

Can we say that this is what is really meant by the scribe of Genesis where it says, “Let there be light”?

(I also suggest another related article on: it’s okay to make mistakes, because life is a learning experience, we better ourselves.) 

To healing within and living a wonderful life,

James Nussbaumer

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