Letting Go of Pain from the Past and Moving On by Understanding your Memory

I want to keep this article brief so that you may easily absorb why letting go of pain might be too difficult for you.

Your memory is not what you think it is. Sure, and is why the idea of how to let go and move on is easier said than done.

Keep in mind this principle from the text of the Course in Miracles when you know you need to let go of something:

  • “Each herald of eternity sings of the end of sin and fear. Each speaks in time of what is far beyond it.”

Yes, I know, with our human brain that principle from ACIM is quite deep.

That’s why I’m keeping this article brief, so that you may not dissect it, but rather in a deeper sense learn to let go of something.

The Holy Spirit, as we may say is our inner divine Self, will make use of your self-made memory.

But has nothing to do with time.

He does not use time so that you can keep the past alive. But, rather, a right-minded use is so you can letting go of pain by letting go of the past and be done with it.

Your memory holds messages it receives and proceeds with what it is given to do. It does not make the messages, nor does it assign a purpose.

Just like the body it is purposeless within itself.

What you think of as a memory is a body part, and is why you’re not letting go of pain.

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It’s a projected image which is part of the dream of separation, built on guilt, fear, doubt, and judgement of the past.

So if your memory seems to harbor past hates and dislikes, you must consider something.

If this paints pictures of how you were wronged by others, you need to look deeper again.

 I mean, and the hurts you’ve been saving up as ammunition for future attack, then this is what you have ordered its message to be.

You made it according to your ego-based wishes, and the ego doesn’t want to begin letting go of pain.


Because the ego-based mind which dreams of separation from our Creator, thus feels guilty, and can’t let it go.

Why can’t the ego let go of guilt, fear and doubt, and start letting go of pain? 

That’s simple!

It’s because the ego aspect in us all as humans needs guilt, fear, doubt, and judgement, and more of the like, for its survival.

It is not your memory at all, but rather it is the messages that supply your attack arsenal.

Let’s go a bit deeper, and literally, too.

Consider for a moment that the history of your body’s past will one day be buried seven feet in the ground.

Likewise, covered by a vault to protect the pile of dust these past memories are contained in.

Well, because your brain is of this dust, all of your associations you made must be dust, too.

But you wish to think they last forever. How can your past live on inside of particles of dust?  

You are trying to make it appear that the effects of your past have increased by time without a cause.

You may ask, how can the effects of my past be without a cause?

Because it is only a seeming cause that is the thought of your separated self. Or, we may say the separation, and none of this is real.

Time is merely another phase of what does nothing, and why the human brain is fearful.

A Course in Miracles also states: 

  • “The Holy Spirit will never teach you that you are sinful. Errors He will correct, but this makes no one fearful.”

It works hand in hand with all the attributes with which you try to conceal the truth about yourself.

Yes, especially so when working at letting go of pain.

Time neither takes away nor can it restore your memory. The dream of separation made time in order to drive its projections.

But you make strange use of it, as if the past caused the present which is a consequence. And in where no change can be made possible, because its cause has gone.

Yet change must have a cause that must endure or else it won’t last. So why can’t we begin letting go of pain?

Remember, what doesn’t last is unreal.

No change can be made in the present if its cause is living in the past. Therefore, throw the words “what if” out of your thought process.

Only the past is held in memory as you make use of it. Just as well, and so you make it a way to hold the past hostage against the present now.

You’re only making more illusion, fragmenting more ego.

With this mindset, how can you let go of the past and leave the ego’s vicious circle? How can you ever come to live among the Truth?

But I don’t mean the truth about the past, because it has no truth. However, I do mean the Truth now.

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To being free of the past,

James Nussbaumer

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