A Brief Summary for How to Resolve Conflict and its Illusion

How to resolve conflict is a decision you make from within your heart.

Dealing with conflict must happen in our whole mind—or from our inner core while understanding that in human form we all project a different world.

Some people go to great lengths in how to resolve conflict or to avoid dealing with conflict, which can lead and backfire to mental or mindful, medical and quite often relationship ordeals.

If as humans we realize that at the core conflict is merely illusion, then we have an opportunity for tapping our whole-mind and begin creating a world of positive change.

A Course in Miracles asks us to answer this question: “Where all reality has been withdrawn from what was never true, can it be hard to give it up, and choose what must be true?”

How to resolve conflict begins with realizing that what must be true makes no decisions, because it has nothing to choose from. 

But if truth could decide on any one thing it would be to continue being all that it really is, which is oneness. 

Being more whole and at-one with humanity is why I urge learning how to do mindfulness meditation.

Meditation exercises are great for reaching within and digging deep to make your goals and dreams a reality, letting go of and ridding inner conflict and living life on your own terms.

Believe me when I say this is how the most successful who ever lived think and operate and how they found a way to success.

How to resolve conflict cannot be about considering two or more sides to truth.  Oneness is always true and it has no room for anything else. 

Trying to understand this can be quite confusing and conflicting in our mind. 

I suggest searching for love relationship advice and find marriage counselling tips to get through those bumpy rides.

The ego-based mind—which is that doubting and fearful aspect in us all, relies on conflict to make concrete decisions. 

The concrete will always give us something to choose from, giving us a reason for decision, which can be complicated.

Spiritual freedom is not complicated when all you know is oneness. 

In oneness there is no conflict.  It cannot be complicated because the complexity is gone. 

To know is merely to accept the truth as all there is in any given matter. 

Have you ever tried to explain what “the truth” means? 

You can’t explain it. 

This is the same as oneness, where nothing conflicts.  This is why the ego cannot understand it; there is nothing to decide.  One is one, truth is truth; that is all there is to it.

The real world is a choice you make to accept what is real.  There’s nothing in between, no “what ifs” or “maybes.”  

The Real World is Not an Outcome

An outcome can only be perceived.  Oneness and truth are not separate, and have no outcome. 

It is what it is, always. 

If all you can ever have knowledge of is oneness and truth, you will undo every illusion you have ever had. 

Oneness and truth cannot be sacrificed; only illusions can.  There truly is no sacrifice when you “let go” of an illusion, because it was never real. 

If all you are is perfect oneness and truth, you never have a need to sacrifice.

A Course in Miracles goes on to teach us that “Forgiveness in the world is equal to the justice of Heaven.” 

Justice of Heaven?

What else could the justice of Heaven be, other than Oneness and Truth? 

In this world we associate sin with the word “forgive.” 

We feel that when we forgive, or when we ourselves have been forgiven, that sin is wiped clean.

In this case, no individual can forgive unless he believes in sin, or that he has been forgiven for his own sin. 

In previous articles and books, I said that true forgiveness is to look beyond errors caused by illusion made by the ego. 

In oneness and truth there is no sin; therefore you cannot sin. 

Additionally, we must forgive ourselves for believing in the forgiveness of the sin we never had or ever will have. 

True Reality Has No Sin  

Anything that is a part of our dream of separation is not real. 

Remember, the Bible states that Adam fell into a deep sleep, but nowhere is there any reference of his awakening, because the dream continues to this day.

Yes, Adam was dreaming when he and Eve got caught up in the lies of the serpent. 

The Son of God, or the Sonship, as A Course in Miracles states, has not yet experienced full awakening.  Sin is in the dream and not of the dreamer.

By forgiving ourselves in this exciting and awakening way, we can turn the world of sin into a world of sinless love, with never-ending trust, which is the oneness I am talking about. 

No sadness, no parting, no dealing with conflict because everything is totally forgiven, even forgiveness itself. 

Nothing can be kept separate, not even conflict. 

In fact, we don’t have to figure out how to resolve conflict, because conflict simply dissolves as we awaken to this Oneness.

Learn more about judging others less, dropping conflict, and reflecting love, joy and happiness into the world.

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