Right State of Mind not Only for Golf Mental but your Swing on Life

Have you ever been blocked from the light of your right state of mind and told yourself that something was not going to work out? Maybe getting the new dream job you applied for, or maybe a day on the golf course where you so desperately wanted to win the match against a close golfing pal?

Be truthful with yourself here, because I can tell you I’ve had plenty of self-doubt myself. But in all truthfulness we need to have the right state of mind while involved in the game of life.

Let’s put on our right state of mind, mindfulness cap, for this article, and see how to enhance your golf swing and/or swing on life a different way.

If you’re not a golfer, and even if you find the sport to be disgusting—as do even many of us avid golfers on bad days, then think of something you may relate to.

Think of a parallel, perhaps, to golf in your own life, whether your career, going to the gym, trying to stay on top of weight-loss, or just simply things you do, like financial ideas, to improve your life; maybe it’s healing a marital or love relationship, better family life, hobbies, whatever it might be.

You have most likely attempted whatever, from following suggestions about a right state of mind that worked for your friends and family to so-called ‘tips from professionals and experts.’

Exactly what else can you actually do to improve your golf swing? Or, we may say, “your swing on life!”

Higher State of Mind

Really there is plenty you can do, as long as you are prepared to alter your right state of mind.

To alter your outlook or have a much higher state of mind, it certainly requires a mind at peace and of reflection.

Wouldn’t you agree?

Let’s consider the metaphysical principle of A Course in Miracles that states, “When you have accepted your mission to extend peace you will find peace, for making it manifest you will see it.”

The right state of mind scenario is actually much the same when it comes to any effort to enhance your golf swing.

There’s a lot of talk these days about thinking and believing “outside the box,” and is a common expression we all discuss in conference rooms and offices nowadays, and yet the mindset or bias we still hang heavily and prevents many people from making higher state of mind development at anything.

How about enhancing the real You?

What do I mean?


Think of the self-worth in, for example, 70 year old and 80 year old men and ladies continuing to significantly improve their golf swing, taking simple workouts and stretching and mental exercises.

Perhaps it’s Yoga these individuals do, or other workouts, not necessarily for golf mental, but that even help to enhance their basic health and overall right state of mind.

It might seem difficult to obtain out of the sort of state of mind that emphasizes that golf is a recreation, where exercises have no place, no matter how light.

At least that’s the sort of golf you wish to play.

You may have actually heard that professionals do work outs of sorts, however, your lower state of mind, or ego, keeps you from even taking a look to find out whether the workouts are really as strenuous and vigorous as you fear they might be.

Do you actually have an opportunity of ever getting to improve your golf swing, or swing on life without a right state of mind for inner peace?

No, I will say!

To enhance your swing on life you really have to be prepared to look at things from a somewhat various perspective. Then, possibly to take a closer look at why other individuals’ games, and most important, their golf mental side or swing, has improved so much.

(Please note if you’d like more content on self-worth and a better life, I suggest this related article on how to beat your fears by letting go of what’s holding you back.)

To improving your world with a nice swing on life!

James Nussbaumer

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