To Be Saved-It’s What the Ego Can’t Understand

To be saved, or what we traditionally call, salvation, where you exercise the power within you to live the life you want, most certainly is universal, meaning that everyone will be saved. How can some be saved and some not when what is eternal, infinite, and one, must be whole?

Yes, to be whole means there can be no separate parts. This means that your Source, God, if you will, created you within his wholeness, and not outside of Him.

In book 1 of the series I go pretty deep here…The Holy Spirit is this wholeness and is your reality, and the ego is not, but tries to be. 

Try to see the Holy Spirit instructing your right-mind to perceive a direction for spiritual awakening form the dream of separate identities from that of our Source—God, which includes your free will, or purpose in life, or function. 

In book 2 we see why… But for the time being, we all individually must only partially awaken, gradually, a little bit at a time. 

For all of humanity to come through the barrier of separation to full awakening as One Mind, the wholeness itself must accept the entire idea of God’s Will being Creation Itself.

In this state of mind is where we can be all we can be and live a life of purpose and true abundance.

The one Idea of Creation is the one Son of God.  We can interpret this as His only “begotten son,” called the Sonship, as in “relationship” to oneness, is how A Course in Miracles helps us to reflect on this. 

This does not entail a physical body or a gender. 

The Son of God, or, Child, which we call the Sonship just for interesting right-minded reflection, is all minds, whole, which bodies can never be or even project an image of. 

The images projected of a body are always subject to change.  Wholeness does not change, and to be saved is always yours.

When the knowledge of the Holy Spirit brings your reality to you, or shows you your purpose, He is helping you to remember what you are, and this does not change, even while you dream of changing times. 

When you feel lack in your life

The side of you that feels it is lacking is also fearful of what it “might lose.”  The dreamer in you does not understand, however, that the Holy Spirit in you sees only what you are truly meant to have and to be.  Peace is what you are truly meant to have, and truth is what you are meant to be by living your true free will.

A Course in Miracles states, “It you were not part of God, His Will would not be unified.”

The Holy Spirit will never call upon you to make a single sacrifice of any kind, but the ego will.  Sacrifice is not part of the peaceful path to awakening, and if you insist, you are listening to and taking advice from your fearful separated mind.

Here you will not understand why you don’t need to be saved and will not experience spiritual awakening.

This is the same thought system that may have taught you of an actual real, physical body called Adam, and then Eve, a loving couple being “driven” by an “angry God” from an actual location called Eden, and trying to be saved. 

Do I mean to say that none of this ever existed?

Sure it existed, but only in the dream of projected images, where the ego insists they were real. 

The ego places blame for its “lack” on the loss of “paradise” described in this wishful fantasy, and repents to be saved.  But what does the ego actually lack?  That’s easy: It lacks reality.

Your Guide, the Universal Inspiration, which we can call the Holy Spirit, reminds you that sacrifice is not God’s Will for you. 

There is no cost to be saved and for having a life of purpose. 

This is why it is a true free will.

Once the mind of humanity can understand this split between reality and the dream world of separate identities, then we will recognize that our purpose and the process of living out this purpose is our real salvation—not a fantasy paradise outside of ourselves. 

When this inner peace is finally discovered where it has been all along, within us, rather than somewhere “out there” to be found, we will then know that salvation is not needed. 


That’s simple, because we will have already been saved.

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To your spiritual awakening,

James Nussbaumer

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