Secret to Getting What You Want in Life by Accepting Miracles are Real

Certainly, the secret to getting what you want in life is in accepting the fact that miracles are for real.

Please remember that the secret to getting what you want in life is by your acceptance that miracles can happen? 

Have you truly witnessed any miracles in your life? Are miracles real for helping you get the life you want?

Or possibly I should suggest a much stronger concern…

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Is it possible for you to create miracles as the secret to getting what you want while here on earth?

Whatever your answer is to either of these questions, I can tell you why miracles can happen.

But it is not magic, and miracles are for real as the secret to getting what you want while in this world.

Of the many books Dr. Wayne W. Dyer has published I’ve been truly drawn to a terrific title of his called, Real Magic. 

It is a transformation read about the power within us all. As a result, our ability for miracles. 

I have seen a great deal of miracles in my own life, and I see real manifestations practically every day.

A Course in Miracles states: “Miracles reawaken the awareness that the spirit, not the body, is the altar of truth. This is the recognition that leads to the healing power of the miracles.”

So, let’s consider, are miracles real?

Would not that be a true miracle if you are considering improving your health?

As a result, experienced, say, the power of mindfulness meditation come into your life and become a great friend and teacher?

Would not that be a wonderful real miracle if you are thinking of enhancing your spiritual life?

Sure, and you suddenly discovered a book by a thought provoking author who thinks just like you do?

Would not that be the miracle if you wish to enhance your financial life.

Yes, and a retired multi-millionaire living on the other end of the world contacted you and was willing to teach you his/her success strategies?

Would not that be the miracle as the secret to getting what you want?

Yes, I mean, when you’re desiring to do a joint business endeavor and someone from out of nowhere calls you, and it turns out together you make one of the best joint ventures ever?

Would not that be the miracle to get the life you want when you think about a service for an issue, and a brilliant concept unexpectedly hits you?

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