Self-Respect and Dignity Certainly is your Way to Success in Life

Self-respect and dignity is so vitally important for human survival. It truly is a type of love for your real Self, and it solidifies your connection with the Universe.  Self-respect and dignity gives us a sense of being an integral part of the whole.

And we must feed our mind in the right way for tapping our power.

How do I know this?

There is not a single doubt in my mind it was divinely intended that my life’s journey be greeted by the publication that would open my mind and set me free: A Course in Miracles.

These teachings of inner peace have answered my lifelong questions to the mystery of all that exists, while proving to me the truth about forgiveness.

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Yes, A Course in Miracles asks us to hear this single question: “Who is the Light of the real world except God’s son?” Surely this is a question for us to absorb, but more so, it is merely a statement of the truth about ourselves.

Lost dignity

For we are the Light of the world. You are the Light of the world, and the light emanates from your Source, which is the Creator of all that is real.

This is the opposite of a statement of pride, or arrogance, or self-deception. It simply states the truth about who you are.

And it means you must take action on your goals and dreams, and sure you may need some strength, and you can get that power in this...

OK, look, I was in prison as I’d written many books, including these words, by hand into composition journals—the old-fashioned kind, with a black-and-white mottled cover and lined pages.

I look back to when I was first shoved, hard, into a six-by-nine-foot cell, clothed in rags. As I stumbled to the floor, the overbearing guard growled, “Welcome to the State.”

I sat there on the floor in the corner of that cell, pretty much the same individual as I am today.

However, today I see a different world, one that is trying its best to live by real truth, and this has moved to the front of my mind.

I believe this change, both drastic and subtle, had much to do with my survival, since I’d been stripped of my world, or maybe my dignity.

Dignity seems like something we need in order to survive as who we think we are.

Well, at least we were taught this.

A Sense of Being

As I was writing and mind wandering about the world and the universe, I had nothing in this world other than who I am. I’d often wonder, Does this mean I do have my self-respect and dignity, after all?

When people become aware of their self-respect and dignity, miracles begin happening in their lives. Certainly we all are aware that we are deeply connected and share an intrinsic value.

I see this as our common theme, and is why I stand behind this system for strength.

To never feeling like you’ve lost your dignity,

James Nussbaumer

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