Good Things to Say about Yourself Certainly helps Finding Inner Peace

Of the ways to improve self-esteem and finding inner peace is to be able to say good things about yourself. When you can say good things about yourself you must believe thoroughly about your objectives and goals.

By putting your top priorities in order, you will be seeing ways to feel better about your life and a bright path to peace of mind.

It is only frustration that can result from a mess and poor organization of the mind.

Instead of focusing on failure, you can see the excellent right-minded approach to your objectives and goals for living out your dreams and true free will while in this world.

As you contemplate this article keep in mind that the Course in Miracles states, “No force except your own will is strong enough or worthy enough to guide you.”

Letting Go of a Scarcity Mindset

If people are rejected for a job position, they might feel that something in them is lacking and they are not smart enough, or strong enough, or pretty or handsome enough, or whatever, for that new career or job opening.

It’s easy to fall into a scarcity mindset.

Everybody experiences rejection at some time during their lives.

But when your mind focuses on the unfavorable wrong-minded aspects of a situation, it can be a bit tough to be open for ways to improve yourself.  

When you have good things to say about yourself, you will have a simpler time discovering peace of mind.

Peace within you is vital for career success and for simple everyday joy in all that we do.

People with negative wrong-minded ego-based thinking miss out on inner peace since they let every little problem throw them off track.

Ways to Feel Better

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It’s the ego in us that is that “doubting Thomas” aspect, filled with fear and judgement that keeps us from ways to feel better.

If you’ve lost out on a career move or a better job, for example, consider that it might be for the best.

What if you had been granted a better position by your employer only to discover that it truly was not what for you?

Or, perhaps that you could not perform as well as you first thought you could?

Of course, maybe you like being involved in circumstances that may lead you to being down on yourself with self-criticism.

Everyone’s life while in this world has lots of rejection, so we would do well to turn our rejections into more favorable right-minded ways to improve self-esteem.

 Taking action on ways to feel better can lead you to usually having good things to say about yourself.

Ways to Improve Self-Esteem

There are many things you can participate in that become of the habits highly effective individuals everywhere.

Practicing mindfulness meditation on a daily basis is one of the best ways to improve yourself, by touching base within you at the calm state that reflects the real you.  

The Course in Miracles teaches us. “Not to be afraid to look within yourself.”

It’s the ego in us that is afraid to get too close to the center of who we truly are.

Many have found inner peace, increased self-esteem, and feeling good about themselves through practicing yoga spirit, or yoga healing.

Likewise, I have had many message me at my website and on Facebook and Twitter telling me about their successes with yoga for weight-loss, and that’s why I’m including a review article here

There are lots of self-help paths and activities for ways to improve yourself, and for ways to feel better about a particular scenario that may initially look ugly.

To Truly Feel Good about Yourself

Positive right-minded attitudes with optimistic outlook help us see a lesson learned from any poor break or loss we may have experienced.

If you do not have good things to say about yourself, you need to let go of the ego’s hold on you—that rut you are in.

Yes, I mean break the cycle or the habit of allowing the ego to be the boss over you, and on to the life you want to live.

Be sure to always have good things to say about yourself!

As long as we are in this world the ego will always be part of us, because the ego is the body, but the spirit in you can instruct the ego to be quiet to the new sheriff in town.

Yes, let your spirit make the rules you live by.

You can train your mind to think more right-mindedly from spirit while not allowing your ego to be in charge.

It will take only a little bit of work and effort, but it will lead you to feeling good about yourself, and your world will shine.

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To good things to say about yourself, 

James Nussbaumer

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