Working on Myself: Learning to Love yourself with Spiritual Peace of Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation

Individuals are purchasing books, CD’s, videos and more material all over and running from instructor to teacher in attempt to begin, working on myself, so to speak.

Perhaps, you, too, want to begin learning to love yourself.

If you are truly seeking inner spiritual peace and truly learning to love yourself that is great, and is why you should learn more about the power of attraction through a reflective state of mind.

One certainty for identifying if you are on the ideal journey or course is to merely ask yourself; “Am I more at peace than I was a year ago or a few months earlier?”

The Course in Miracles teaches, “Your peace lies in its limitlessness.”

I, myself, know when I am  truly working on myself, because I feel that I’m finding more spiritual peace as I progress on in this world.

I can say that when you perhaps sit still a little bit more each day, if you aren’t sure or you believe that perhaps it isn’t working.

Sitting still every day in quiet and closing your eyes as you sit can be a great method to soothe your mind and calm your emotions and sensations, that serenity eventually becomes more regular for you.

Spiritual peace only originates from one location and that’s within you, and is why I always urge that learn breathing meditation exercises.

It’s also beneficial to get involved in yoga spirit, or yoga for healing, and the ever-so-popular these days yoga for weight-loss.

Learning to Love yourself is Crucial

If you discover that you aren’t feeling peaceful, it’s time to look much deeper within yourself, and ask; am I truly working on myself?

The majority of the time, when people decide to start a day-to-day mindfulness meditation, they discover that their thoughts and feelings are cutting loose inside of them and they feel practically quickly prevented.

Common statements from those who are beginners might say, “Am I doing it right for working on myself?”, “How should I sit?” and “Should I focus on my breathing?”

These are all justifiable questions to have and yet novices will still be amazed to hear that those questions do not truly matter.

There is no “ideal” way to sit still or “right” thing to focus on when you practice mindfulness meditation.

You’re objective is to merely sit still with your eyes closed and unwind and unravel from within.

When you do this you may say I am actually, working on myself. Don’t go to sleep, but as well don’t stress so much about whether it is “ideal” or “wrong”.

Then it is right for you, if you are sitting there with your eyes closed! That’s all there is to it.

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Always be experiencing Spiritual Peace

The difficult part comes in when we begin evaluating everything and analyzing it and get ourselves all frustrated with what we are attempting to do.

That’s the ego in us trying to hang onto anxiety and stress and fear, along with loads of self-doubt and judgement, which is the ego’s life blood.

Even if you are anxious and you realize that it is just your ego doing the ranting, then you are still involved in spiritual peace.

Simply sit there and be quiet as the ego settles down like a bratty child.

The Course in Miracles states, ‘Only God’s Comforter can comfort you.”

By doing it each day for a specific quality time frame, rather than quantity, this will eventually result in more calmness of your psychological processes, and an equilibrium of your emotions will be felt.

The start, nevertheless, can sometimes be the toughest time.

Some human beings get to be specialists at this action and can sit still for over an hour and for several different times a day.

These people are sort of like the show dogs you have seen on television who can carry out in front of a panel of judges and can sit and remain calm for long periods of time.

Now get out there and “sit” and, next time you do it, make sure and “remain” too!

Just keep in mind for now, that sitting still each day and closing your eyes as you sit can be a terrific part of how you may say, I am working on myself.

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To spiritual peace within, 

James Nussbaumer

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