Steps to Financial Freedom Accessed by Lifting the Veil Obscuring the Light

Do you seem unable to access the steps to financial freedom by tapping into the incredible secret of the most highly effective individualsYes, I mean finding financial freedom like those who ever walked this planet, here now, and those yet to arrive.

There may be a big obstacle in front of you for how to begin gaining financial freedom and to attract success. 

I cut this video below and posted it to YouTube about the steps to financial freedom being in uncovering your understanding of the laws of wealth attraction, abundance and prosperity.



Yes, to experience gaining financial freedom and wealth attraction, you must first uncover the prosperity and wealth deep within you.

You must then learn how to reflect your inner abundance into your material world.

(By the way when you’re done trying to figure a way for finding financial freedom, I suggest the free material here on how Penny Stocks Trading has been a fun way–a hobby for many–for accessing financial freedom.) 

The greatest secret to beginning up the steps to financial freedom is in “lifting the veil,” as the Course in Miracles teaches, that has been obscuring the Light of your inner awareness.

When you are blocking or obscuring the light of your desires is why things don’t seem to be going well for you, and perhaps you’re missing the beat on your goals.

The Light is the foundation of your essence and being–which is the prosperous and abundant truth of who you are.

To help you go within to the center of that Light of Truth, I suggest using these following words from the Course in Miracles workbook as a short prayer, or in mindfulness meditation:

  • Miracles are seen in light, and light and strength are one

Follow this strategy on a regular basis and you’ll begin uncovering the light of Truth within you.

It’s why and how successful people grow and walk the steps to financial freedom.

You will begin operating from the secret for gaining financial freedom and self-growth, and on to living the life you want.

(This brief article proves how to attract success with fun by uncovering your magnetic personality.) 

To finding success,

James Nussbaumer

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