Does Manifesting Really Work and Why Do I Keep Struggling in Life?

Without taking action on this universal intellect—or inner knowledge, you will continue to ask, does manifesting really work? You will keep questioning and pondering over and over, why do I keep struggling in life? Perhaps you continue to beat a dead horse in your approach and are disgusted. As you read on and contemplate this […]

Choose the Life you want to Live and Do Not Settle for Less

Periodically, to choose the life you want, could be unquestionably, impossibly challenging. We are confronted with obstacles and occasions that could appear frustrating, life-destroying to the factor where it might be tough to determine whether to maintain moving forward. You constantly have the power of choice!  The Course in Miracles further teaches through its spiritual […]

Getting the Life you Want through the Power of Attraction

If you review a great deal of blog sites and articles, or are technology savvy, it’s very most likely you’ve listened to the term, getting the life you want. Maybe you’re questioning simply exactly what how can I live the life I want.  As well you wonder how you may do it, and even if […]

Create the Life You Want via the Miracle of Forgiveness

If you’re like many aspiring humans you seek to create the life you want. Yet many who set out to be high achievers haven’t figured out how to have a successful life. To create the life you want begins with understanding the vastness of the whole of Divinity, but it cannot be defined in sizes, […]