Tips to Save a Marriage Add Spice and Prevent Common Marriage Problems

Do tips to save a marriage really work? Yes, because these savvy couples who want to avoid divorce statistics, don’t let up on keeping the intimacy, passion and spice in their marriages.

They’ve built it up through the years to what we can call as a marriage ‘art form’. Most ‘younger marrieds’ harbor dreams of getting to that point.

A marriage as comfy and happy and content as an old pair of blue jeans, surely has considered tips to save a marriage?

Interestingly, it does take years of love, intimacy and passion to get to the point where a couple is so comfortable with each other that they finish each other’s sentences and depend on each other.

Want to know a secret?

Studies say that couples like these have an even better sex life in their marital futures than the ones with all the passion at the start then burn out later on.

How can you learn ways to fix marriages and some spicy tips to keep the love alive and prevent common marriage problems?

Here are some tips to save a marriage and add spice:

  • Prioritize each other

This is the mother of all tips to save a marriage.

Successful old marrieds have come to realize that above all relationships, each one has in their lives’ even kids, own parents, siblings, co-workers, best buds’ and golfing pals, a couple has to prioritize their marriage.

Your spouse has to know that he or she can trust on you to do what’s best for the relationship and vice versa, that he or she is your best friend and will never let you down.

You face the obligations you have towards others as a team when you work as a team.

People fail to realize that your spouse is your foremost and first priority!

They allow their marriages to get caught in between squabbling kids, family politics and even work obligations.

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  • Don’t give up dating … Each other!

You can even take turns planning surprise dates.

They don’t have to be grand, they just have to be time off to feed number one above, and this keeps intimacy flowing.

And, don’t forget, the same way you are creative in dating your spouse, learn to be creative in the bedroom!

The humdrum of life, kids and laundry can take a way time for each other.

Therefore, don’t allow it!

If you’re the spontaneous type, rethink your understanding because you really do have to set a date to date your spouse’ and keep it regular!

  • Fight fair, laugh always

How do you see arguing or fighting in your relationship?

If you can inject both with a positive approach always, then you realize that it all comes from the inside.

How to forgive is so important, and keep in mind the Course in Miracles teaches that forgiveness means to overlook our errors by looking beyond them.”

Laugh with your spouse at your annoying little fights while seeing them both as essential to your marriage.

  • Talk, discuss, agree to disagree!

As a couple, it’s better if you share a majority of your beliefs and perspectives about life, and expand upon them, sharing ideas and so forth.

This connection brings you closer to absolute wholeness of mind, and this is considered truly a “holy relationship.”.

The Course in Miracles states, “A holy relationship, however newly born, must value holiness above all else.”

Even if you don’t, talking, bantering and discussing are important in keeping the spice in your marriage.

Remember, of all the tips to save a marriage the more you talk, the more you get to know what your spouse is feeling and thinking.

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To a successful love relationship,

James Nussbaumer

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