Here’s Why To Resent Anything in Your Past Imprisons You with No Strength or Hope

Perhaps you’re relaxing and content, but still have those nagging notions to resent some happenings in your life.

What about overcoming resentment that is haunting you? Can you get over that hump while finding strength?

For some others losing love has merely dragged to ultimate lows in life. 

So, that said, can I suggest the idea of letting it go? Resentment and unable to forgive can be damaging things to let remain in your heart.

You no doubt taught that to your kids and perhaps you even give that recommendations to your grandchildren. You know, to help them get passed their youth arguments and petty squabbles they have with their siblings.

The incredible thing about not to resent any thing, or situation, even yourself, is you learn a few things.

Yes, that by the time you have reached the senior phase of life as you have, you probably are bring your own fair share of things and resentments you can not forgive that is nothing more than left over luggage from life.

And finding out to forgive the offenses of the past and “let go of lost hope,” can suggest something. I mean, the distinction in between living a tranquil and pleased retirement life.

Or, on the other hand, living in a nonstop treadmill of brooding about things that occurred long earlier.

A Course in Miracles give us this profound lesson:

  • “Everything you perceive is a witness to the thought systems you want to be true.” 

We justify holding on to bitterness due to the fact that the offense is much more severe in adult life than the little things kids sulk about when they end up being resentful.

And the ability of discovering to forgive that offense and release the bitterness from your heart is one that we require to find out as much as the kids do.

The truth is that to resent and with animosity and unable to forgive does not achieve anything.

Often we think of the moment of offense when a manager, a colleague, a pal or a relative offended us and we vow that we “will always remember what she did.” That vow is more a death sentence for you than it is any penalty for the one who offended you.

I have heard it said that bitterness has a method of “growing legs and following you around”. It’s an apt image because long after the offense is over, that animosity can reside on in your heart taunting you and making you miserable.

The one that offended you no doubt has no concept you are upset at all and is going about his or her way gladly.

Your bitterness accomplishes absolutely nothing other than stealing your peace from you. As a result, making you bitter and obsessive which is not an attractive quality in Grandma or Grandpa or anybody for that matter.

By isolating that feeling of bitterness and simmering anger and seeing that it really has absolutely nothing at all to do with the initial offense, your reasonable side takes over. 

Likewise, takes the offense from the psychological side that continues to vow never to forgive. Forgiveness is not about stating what happened is ok.

Forgiveness is about stating that negative occasion will no longer have power over you. As another result, you exercise your power of choice to state, “It does not matter any more.”

To resent is a poison that can get inside you and disable you for life.

In a way, by continuing to hold that resentment, you likewise continue to offer that enemy power to injure you day after day forever.

By learning to let it go, you are actually doing something good for you. You will be happier, less strained and it will actually help your health.

And you will no longer be a hypocrite when you take a seat with your grandchildren and counsel them to “Live and let live and let it go.” And when they see you modeling healthy forgiveness, you will empower them.

And that makes forgiveness all so well rewarding. 

We justify holding on to resentment because the offense is much more severe in adult life than the little things kids pout about when they end up being resentful.

And the skill of finding out how to forgive that offense. All the while, releasing the animosity from your heart is one that we require to find out as much as the kids do.

It’s an apt image because long after the offense is over, that bitterness can live on in your heart teasing you and making you unpleasant.

By separating that sensation of resentment and simmering anger and seeing that it really has nothing at all to do with the initial offense, your reasonable side takes over.

I mean to resent steals the offense from the emotional side that continues to vow never to forgive. In a method, by continuing to hold that animosity, you also continue to offer that opponent power to hurt you day after day forever.

In the next section let’s uncover how to overcome losing hope and rather find strength. 

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Learning Not to Resent and Never Losing Hope 

The problem is we go through our lives everyday never really consciously giving our hope any thought or consideration. We don’t think; “I have hope”, or, “I lost all hope”.

I’d found this “Never Losing Hope” story below from Disciples Flight blog article dated December 2015, and wanted to share it with you. 

Since I, myself had spent some years in the U.S. Air Force, this article truly opened my heart about finding inner strength.

“The others in the raft didn’t seem to share Eddie’s frame of mind. His buddies plainly began to consider what lay beyond death.

Likewise, to think of it in terms of their own lives. Eddie said, “at no time did I ever resent a single thing nor did I lose hope that we would be rescued.”

Instead, Eddie tried to impart something to his comrades that would assist them and be of excellent worth to them.”

What was it?


Possibly you have checked out the story of Captain Eddie Rickenbacker and his team when their plane fell under the Pacific.

“There were seven males in life rafts for twenty one days.”

Yes, and I mean with absolutely nothing but saltwater and sun for as far as the eye could see.

As Luck Would Have It!

Now, ask yourself this question:

You understand better than anybody else. How would you have responded to being caged with seven of your friends for twenty one days in a life raft in the middle of the Pacific?

Would you have been trying to ring someone’s neck and resenting some things? Or, would you have been the pillar of hope for your pals?

What is hope anyhow? Hope is that magical emotion which is unseen but, causes us to see the proof of what we want prior to we get it.

Consider this spiritual metaphysical principle from A Course in Miracles:

It’s not truly faith. Faith resembles the furnace in your home. Hope resembles the thermostat on the wall. Hope can be managed up and down.

The more you turn it up, the more fire it produces in your stubborn belly. The more fire you develop in you, the more fear you expel.

The Dynamic Duo!

Hope is the expectation that you will get your desire, and faith is the belief that it is possible. These are a force to be considered.

Together, they are more effective than superman, the lone ranger, and trigger.

You can change the course of your destiny with Hope and Faith and never needing to resent others or yourself.

You see, a person reacts purposely to anything, which to him or her is credible, attainable and preferable. He/She also responds unconsciously to inner urges that cause you to enter into action when ideas are made to the subconscious.

Sure, you may respond positively, unfavorably, or neutral to some stimulus; It all depends on what the suggestions are. And, these ideas have a direct influence on the hope of the individual.

The Fortunes Of War!

Have you ever had to hope, versus all hope, that your desire was accessible?

Have you ever, simply out of sheer will and decision, required yourself to look on the brilliant side of life with all the circumstances telling you you’re a bald dealt with liar?

Yeah? What did you do? Blow your stack? Or, turn up smelling like a rose?

Your hope is the origin of whatever you got. Did you get your desire? You kept your hope. Did you not get what you wanted? You lost your hope.

Now do not you get mad at me. Yes, I confess, sometime we get things, at times, when we lose hope.

By and large to resent removes the preferable objectives we obtain come when we don’t lose hope. I don’t want to go through life just getting a little “splat” now and then.

Beggars Would Ride if Wishes Were Horses!

There is nothing that you and your hope together can’t accomplish.

Sadly, desires are not hope. Do not even consider attempting to acquire your inmost heart’s desire with monkeyshine dreams.

You simply as well pay an entire band of gypsies to lay hands on their crystal ball. Yes, and rub it till it’s slicker than a damp noodle, because without hope, your goose is prepared.

For what it’s Worth, Learn Not to Resent a Thing!

But, not to fret. Hope is offered. It’s as close as your breath. It’s in you. You have it. Simply turn the thermostat up. Hope is worth its weight in gold when used. Absolutely nothing fantastic was ever accomplished without hope.

In a Split Nick of Time!

Here’s how you get it. Don’t take this gently. This is the most powerful method I have actually ever utilized for establishing hope.

Do this daily for a week and you’ll be equipped to the teeth with hope.

When you feel the need to resent anything kick back, unwind and close your eyes.

Now, with your eyes closed, see the word “HOPE” in your minds eye, in all capital letters about twelve inches from your face, and after that see those letters speed very fast into your brain.

See them “blast” into your brain.

Let them go into through your eyes. As they blast inside of you, see big steel doors, one on each side of your face SLAM shut and lock “HOPE” inside of you.

Do it 10 times daily.

Entertain High Hopes and You’ll Never Need to Resent anything!

Make sure the doors slam shut very rapidly as soon as hope blasts inside you. This may sound minor, but what you are really doing is convincing your subconscious that you have lots of hope.

State this everyday, “I AM FULL OF HOPE!”

And brother, when you get your sub-conscious convinced that you have plenty of hope, it’ll hair-lip bear creek before it lets it out of there.

Know your hope and feed it routinely just like I showed you.

You will be amazed at how much hope you begin to develop if you make it a practice to do this everyday.

This is an extremely powerful technique of filling your brain with brain food.

It reacts with the preferred goal when you feed your body the right diet.

It reacts by providing you terrific sensations of empowerment and hope when you feed your brain with the best diet plan.

Hope is the expectation that you will get your desire, and faith is the belief that it is possible. Have you ever had to hope, against all hope, that your desire was accessible?

Your hope is the root cause of whatever you got. Yes, I admit, at some point we get things, at times, when we lose hope. We never think; “I have hope”, “I don’t have hope”.

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To finding strength when you need it most,

James Nussbaumer

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