To Win Him Back was her Plan for Getting Back Together

I spoke with a woman who said, even though she wasn’t sure exactly why he left, she had an idea and still wanted to win him back. She mentioned getting back together because she wasn’t getting any younger and that her biological clock was starting to tick quite loud.

Are you of the many women faced with the dilemma of how to win your ex back?

Looking back, this woman told me she can see how he may have felt like he was being backed into a corner.

She does want to have children some day and she won’t waste another minute with a man who can’t return her love.

She told me that she read somewhere how to get your ex-husband back meant speaking directly to a man’s heart.

The Course in Miracles teaches that, “The world you see is what you give it, nothing more than that.”

Getting Back Together was her Desire

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She added that, if she acted this way to a woman it might seem strange, but she has decided that a man would best understand men and thus she continues for one week and then another.

As the weeks go by, her fears rise at times, telling her that all is lost for getting back together, and all confidence seems lost.

Call him, plead with him to come back, promise him anything are the constant thoughts that plague her and yet, somehow, she continues her plan to win him back, until that day when he does call and she is grateful she did not give into her fears.

His voice sounds different with an air of kindness, which in the following weeks lead to a reconciliation.

The woman he had been seeing for almost a year may have thought that everything was going along great, and that he was surely falling in love with her, even though he never told her as much.

He was a man of few words, but she believed that his actions spoke volumes.

Can you Win your Ex Back?

Since men do not find it as easy to articulate their feelings as women do, it can be hard to know exactly what they are thinking.

Oftentimes if he senses you’re out to win him back, rather than talking things out, a man will walk away because he doesn’t want to open his heart and talk. 

In his mind, however, he knows exactly why he broke it off.

As the Course in Miracles states, “As a man thinketh, so does he perceive.”

Remember, it’s crucial to follow a plan of action, because during and weeks after the split you are emotionally wounded, in the dumps, and so, so, confused.

Also, while this confused state is in charge of you, you will surely make many human errors in your thinking that most likely may harm your plan to win him back.

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To love and moving forward,

James Nussbaumer

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