Treat Problems of Life as the Tandem Bike Ride

Each time you keep problems of life for yourself to solve, or judge, that is a problem that has no resolution. 

You are only making it tougher on yourself to heal your problems of life, and for correction of errors to occur. 

A Course in Miracles asks us to “not deny the miracle of justice.”

Like many people, I always saw God as an observer, a judge, keeping track of things I did wrong. 

This would determine if I would go to Heaven or Hell. 

I was seeing God as “out there.” 

And before we move on let me add that this is why I often urge that you learn how to do mindfulness meditation, for inner healing and going within to where your real power sits.

I can’t begin to tell you of this being how the world’s most successful icons have found their way to success.

But when I recognized my true Source better, it seemed to me as though life had been like a bicycle ride, on a tandem bike. 

I always saw God in the back, a helper to whom I would pray when I needed help peddling.

What had hit me?

Then it hit me, and my position on the bike was corrected, but not only when I faced problems of life, including relationship struggles and so much more. 

And before you read on, if there are some relationship problems you’re facing, like whether or not to let go of a relationship, changing your position on the tandem bike is a great mindful strategy, and more on that in a related article, when you’re noticing signs she’s seeing someone else and when it’s time to let go of the relationship: 

God suggested I get off the bike and get back on again, but this time taking the seat in the back of the tandem bike ride. 

I was instructed to let the Holy Spirit—my whole and divine inner Self, to take the front seat, because He knows the path that God laid out for my purpose. 

I see the journey ahead much differently now, filled with joy and ambition and my problems of life are fading.

When I had control, I thought I knew the road ahead, and this would be when problems of life would hit me. 

I was often fearful and uncertain where I was heading. 

But when I screeched to a stop at the brick wall, He took the lead, and it’s been that way ever since. 

My prison confinement as I would write in book 2 of the series, Mastering Your Own Spiritual Freedom, is part of the route for now, and will pass by.

My Guide has taken me on some unbelievable cuts, up mountains and through rocky places at breakneck speed. 

A path that God has built.  I now feel like it’s all I can do to hang on, as much of it has looked like madness, especially here in prison.  My Guide keeps telling me to “Pedal, pedal.”

Sometimes I worry. 

Often I’m anxious asking, “Where are you taking me?” 

He just laughs and convinces me to trust.  It seems I have forgotten my troublesome and problematic past and all the problems of life, and rather have entered into His adventure, which really is mine. 

He seems to be taking me places and to people I need to meet, even here in prison.  I’m receiving gifts that help me. 

(By the way, when you’re done here, this related post may help you to more clearly understand total forgiveness and overcome feeling trapped in life.) 

Gifts of healing, acceptance, and joy.  I would have to say that acceptance has been my most treasured gift.  I know I’m on a journey that is at-one with the purpose of all things—the Universe.

Gifts of the Holy Spirit

My Guide, the Holy Spirit, has gifts that heal, and has been showing me how to give gifts back, and many times the recipients don’t even realize it. 

I’m finding out that in my giving I continue to receive. 

My burden does seem light and problems of life don’t really seem like problems.

It was scary at first, to accept my Guide and allow Him to be first on the tandem bike ride. 

But I see now that He has the secrets, knowing how to take us around sharp corners and ride over places filled with rocks, roughing it through scary places.

As I would learn from A Course in Miracles, His undoing of my errors has taught me to just keep on pedaling, even in the strangest places, such as where I sit right now while writing this. 

However, as nasty as my surroundings are at this moment, I do see messages in my view, and they are meaningful.

When I feel tired or fed up, as I often do, He just smiles at me and says, “Keep on pedaling.”

This has helped many overcome life difficulties by finding purpose and exploring passions.

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