Total Forgiveness and How to Forgive for Overcoming Feeling Trapped in Life

The freedom we get from total forgiveness brings lasting inner peace and self-healing to our minds. The power of forgiveness gives us the inner freedom to release all the fear, doubt, anger, anxiety, frustration, and the like.

So much of the power of our thoughts is wasted by hanging on to old beliefs we as humans have outgrown.

The serious self-healing measure is in learning a reflective state of mind and learning to let go, by how to forgive.

The words in my first book of an ever-developing series, The Master of Everything: A Story of Mankind and the World of Illusion We Call Life, and that I hope you will hold in your hands, are about prison and life; but also about the life of the imprisonment much of the “outer” world lives in, with the world itself as our jailor.

If the world doesn’t jail us, then often we do it to ourselves.

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Learning How to Forgive

It seems we have preferred bondage over freedom, feeling stuck and depressed, and therefore know little about the real meaning of total forgiveness.

But more importantly, this book is about total forgiveness, so we can release ourselves from the prison we made that binds us, a darkness leaving us feeling trapped in life.

Total forgiveness does indeed grant freedom.

I’m not talking about the brave fronts we often put on when we run around telling people that we forgive them and how much we love them.

The total forgiveness I’m talking about is not toward any certain individual or groups of people we may feel have harmed us.

I’m talking about forgiveness therapy by forgiving oneself, first, by, “Overlooking the illusions,” we and much of the world live by, as the Course in Miracles teaches.

What Truly is Forgiving Oneself?

“Looking beyond these illusions or untruths is the answer to peace, and that is where real love exists,” the spiritual metaphysical principles of the Course in Miracles so brilliantly states for our own self-healing.

The bondage I just mentioned can only be our unforgiving mind, perhaps keeping you limited and seeming far off from the life you truly want.

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For myself, it has always been a mind full of fear and unanswered questions. A continuous state of turmoil and misery always seemed to be just around the corner.

Sure, I was trying to hide my fear, and hide from it in fear.

But was I really hiding?

It seemed as though danger was always lurking nearby, ready to grab me.

All of this in your self-forgiveness efforts is why I urge you to learn breathing meditation exercises, and the spiritually minded steps, more on that here…

The Power of Forgiveness setting you Free

The unforgiving world, which helped us make the mind that we think is who we are, sees no mistakes or errors, but only sees sins.

It has eyes that see through dark glasses and wants to live, yet wishes it were dead. It wants total forgiveness, and yet it sees no hope.

It doesn’t know how to escape and can’t figure out that this prison cell we live in is not locked.

The door slides open with our own true free will that releases feeling trapped in life.

If you need a little mindfulness relief over how to forgive, I suggest using these words taken from the Course in Miracles workbook, while practicing meditation, or in prayer:

  • I will do nothing except for allowing self-forgiveness to lead the way for me.

That’s all you need to say to yourself while going within, and you will feel set free of what is holding you back.

I devote this entire series of books and articles for explaining to you how you can end feeling stuck and depressed, and rather slide open that prison door and walk through—free.

This message I am giving is a reminder for you that forgiving oneself with compassion is essential for you living a life of purpose and passion, because it is of your true free will to do so.

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To overcoming life challenges,

James Nussbaumer

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