When Healthy Love Changes Remember the Real Love in You Never Dies

When healthy love changes and it seems the love is lost or close to that, is there anything to do?

I had my first true love relationship just after high school in 1975.

It winded up being a marriage that was wonderful, and we have a wonderful daughter who now is a professional adult.

But after several years in the marriage I was up against what to do when healthy love changes.

But you know what?

It was often terrible how we young adults back then failed to understand each other.

Remaining in love is more difficult than falling in love. Perhaps you’re seeing signs the love is going sour.

When Healthy Love Changes How to Deal with a Relationship

This other related article is for men and women who are wanting to revive the relationship. Yes, and rekindle the old love from a stagnant relationship: 

But over the years, we as humans, somehow are still learning to keep the fire burning in the love.


Well, we’re growing as humans even all the while when healthy love changes. Likewise,  realizing more about our feelings and what we truly want of life.

With over 50% of marriages ending in divorce, it’s no longer as simple as popping up some “I love you’s” that you don’t really mean.

If you want your love relationship to last, then, staying with the love in your heart is all you need to know.

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