The Best Way to Quit Smoking – The 10 Ideas in the Power of Choice

With so many suggestions and tips on the best way to quit smoking it is truly simple to see why numerous individuals really do not stop. The fact is that with so many details passed around that is puzzling to individuals, it is typically much simpler to continue cigarette smoking and hoping for a simple solution.

At a recent conference where I held a workshop on the power of choice, the topic of overcoming addiction, and especially asked by some, how can I quit smoking, is how this article originated.

For those of you who know me know that I often suggest self-help material as a tool for support of personal development therapy, which is often helpful to heal the anxieties and fears we deal with on a daily basis.

(Here’s more on addiction and holistic rehab for healing and a better life.) 

Let’s face it, we all at times, as humans, need a bit of guidance, and there truly are some wonderful systems to help you and support you while you are setting forth toward achieving certain goals.

After all, continuous personal development is of the habits of successful people everywhere.

So when you ask yourself, how can I quit smoking, understand that really taking the essential actions to actually quit cigarette smoking is not easy, but that you have a willingness and readiness to quit smoking now.

Then go within, and is why I urge mindfulness training, ask your inner guidance system—which the Course in Miracles terms the Holy Spirit, to help you.

The Course in Miracles states, “This invitation is accepted immediately, and the Holy Spirit wastes no time in introducing the practical results of asking Him to enter.”

What Really is the Best Stop Smoking Aid?

The majority of people are easily aware that the best way to quit smoking is in understanding that smoking can harm their health, but discovering the best stop smoking aid can be quite difficult.

With a lot of temptations flowing around, as well as the tensions of life it is easy to see why jumping into a pack of cigarettes seems like a smart idea.

That’s why this related article also, along with this one, may further help, it’s thought provoking and may help stimulate you to let go of things like depression and self-harm, shifting forward to a better life.

Idea # 1: The best way to quit smoking is in the power of choice to do so.

Because the sky is blue is not a sufficient reason, simply choosing to give up.

The need to give up cigarette smoking is obvious, but the desire to quit needs to originate from within in order for the process to be successful.

Idea # 2: Look for little rewards that you can give yourself as you make development.

You are not most likely to just stop cold turkey with no complications. Set up small rewards that will assist you to want to make progress to ultimately quitting.

This can be a fantastic inspiration to keep you on target.

Idea # 3: Also of the best way to quit smoking is to plan out your giving up method.

Choose how you want to try to give up and stick to it. Set a specific amount of time for your strategy. If after a time, state 6 weeks you have not stopped, deal with a new plan.

This will enable ample time to try each technique, while still providing yourself the flexibility to try something else.

Idea # 4: Work to conquer your struggles to quit smoking now.

If you are smoking due to demanding things in your life, you have to deal with the tension prior to, you can effectively stop.

Regardless of the reason why you are smoking cigarettes, it needs to be handled in able to stop for good.

Idea # 5: Set up a punishment for yourself.

For instance, if you typically stop at Starbucks every day for a coffee you might consider avoiding that on days when you have disappointed your goals for smoking cigarettes.

Whatever punishment you pick, make sure it is something that you care about.

Idea # 6: To quit smoking now ask for assistance from your friends and family.

Even when you find the best way to quit smoking, you will need support and assistance as you are aiming to stop, and this will assist you to guarantee that you are not alone in the whole procedure.

Idea # 7: Look for somebody to quit along with you.

Working to stop smoking is not simple, but hard jobs are much simpler to achieve with a partner.

The task of quitting smoking is rather tough. This is extremely disadvantageous to your objective of stopping cigarette smoking for good.

Idea # 9: Aim to quit and never turning back.

This might appear a bit weird, but if you are simply preparing to quit for a weekend you are not going to put much effort into the procedure.

A lot more time and effort is going to go into the procedure as well as your strategy to quit if you are planning to quit for excellent.

Idea # 10: Look for methods to take your mind off cigarettes.

You might discover that you are much more lured to smoke if you are constantly thinking about cigarettes.

Reading a book, exercising, talking on the phone, surfing the web and even cooking are all terrific methods to inhabit your mind and keep from considering when your last cigarette was.

The best way to quit smoking is in the power of choice to begin taking action on the needed steps.

The requirement to give up cigarette smoking is apparent, however the desire to quit requirements must come from within you, from your inner core to make the decision, in order for the process to be successful.

Remember, regardless of the reason you are smoking, it needs to be dealt with and surveyed, but without judging or criticizing, in able to give up the smokes for good.

(Please note I also suggest this related article on being successful at accomplishing your goals and the tools to help you along the path.)

To the power of choice on your side,

James Nussbaumer

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